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Welcome to the website of Our Lady of Lourdes Catholic Primary School, Yardley Wood, Birmingham. If you are worried about a child please speak to a DSL in school or telephone 01213031888 - CASS. If you think a child is in immediate danger please phone 999. We are an Operation Encompass School

Year R Catholic Life Page

We have gathered in prayer this week in class and with our school family. On Monday we shared our year of prayer assembly and prayed the Our Father. We know this is a special prayer that Jesus taught us and through this prayer we learn about God’s love for us and helps us understand how God wants us to live. On Tuesday we gathered as a school family and learned about the feast of the solemnity and how we can be the body of Christ through our words and actions.

We have been learning about our Patron Saint and how the name Our Lady of Lourdes is the name we give to Mary when she appeared to Saint Bernadette in Lourdes. Some children chose to explore this story in their play. They selected resources to build the grotto, complete with the holy spring and rosary beads for Mary. Can you share this story at home?

This week we celebrated the feast of Pentecost with a prayer and RE focus in class. During our Pentecost assembly we shared the Gospel reading and using puppets of Mary and the Disciples, we explored their feelings and how they were changed by the coming of the Holy Spirit. We also shared our new school mission prayer 🙏 we took part in lots of activities to help us understand what happened at Pentecost and the symbols that we see in Church at this time.

We have been learning about Easter Symbols. We looked at the Paschal Candle and talked about the cross, alpha and omega and the grains of incense. We designed and made our own paschal candles using symbols of our choosing to reflect the resurrection and our love for Jesus.

Acorn's class enjoyed taking part in Friday's One Life Easter Liturgy. Lots of new hymns and actions too!

Welcome to the Reception Class Catholic Life Page where we will share our learning and play as we explore how we can grow as followers of Jesus

Our virtues for this half term are eloquent and truthful. We joined with our school family in an assembly to learn about how we can live in eloquence and truth and l become the people that God wants us to be. By focussing on these virtues we learn about ways to become the best versions of ourselves. This means we live, learn and live together because Christ is the centre of our lives. We are truthful in the way we live and we develop an eloquent language to talk about our beliefs and feelings.

We have been sharing the story if the resurrection. We looked at different artists representations of the story and used chalk pastels to draw the empty tomb.

Thankyou to our parents and grown ups who came to pray and create with us at our Lenten workshop. We shared the story of the lofts sheep. We know that in the story the shepherd looked high and low to bring his lost sheep back to the fold. We are the sheep and God is our shepherd. He will always help us to come back to him through prayer and repentance.

We have been learning about our role as stewards of Gods creation. We know that we have a responsibility to care for our earth and protect it for future generations. We have planted sunflower 🌻 seeds that we will nurture and grow to encourage butterfly’s and bees to come to our outdoor area.

We know that Lent is a special time for prayer. We know that we should say sorry to God for the things we have done wrong and we ask him for mercy.

As part of our learning about catholic social teaching, we have been learning about stewardship of the earth. We know that we have a responsibility to care for Gods wonderful creation. We visited Father Sean’s garden and looked at his plants and flowers. We heard about how parishioners work together to care for fathers garden so the plants can flourish and many insects can find a home.

We visited Yardley Wood Library who gave us a warm welcome. We enjoyed looking at books but also finding out about all the other uses it has and how the librarians help people. The Library is such an important part of our community. Will you visit the Library?

G shared her favourite prayers whilst presenting the prayer bag.

We are thinking of how we can be kind and follow in the footsteps of Jesus. We shared the story of The feeding of the 5000 and reflected on the kindness Jesus showed when he fed the hungry people who had come to listen to him. We showed kindness to our friends by making friendship cards with messages of love and kindness such as “I love you” and “I will play with you.”

We have been learning to pray the Rosary. We made a decade of the rosary and counted out ten beads for each prayer. We said practised saying “Hail Mary, full of grace.”

We gathered for the CAFOD National Assembly to learn about the great Lenten walk and how children throughout the UK are working together to raise money to support children throughout the world. Jesus asks us to share our resources so that everyone has enough. We will be taking part in a sponsored walk for our Lenten alms giving.

We joined Dan and Emily at one life music for a special Lenten live stream on Friday 23rd February. We will join to sing, pray and reflect upon our Lenten journeys.

We are learning about prayer. We know that we we pray, we are talking to God and he is listening to us. We have been learning special prayers that we pray each day to thank God, ask for His help or say sorry for the things we have done wrong. We know that through prayer, we become closer to God. Some children chose to use artefacts to create a special prayer space for themselves and others to pray. Each day, we choose a prayer monitor to help us with our prayers. They remind us of which prayer to say and how to make the sign of the cross.

We visited the crib to Reflect upon the birth of Jesus. We enjoyed looking at all the important figures that were present and making links to our Nativity performance. We each offered a prayer of thanks to God for sending His Son to us. The children suggested gifts they could give if they had been present such as a blankets to keep Jesus warm. Some children wanted to give a toy or teddy for Jesus to play with. We reflected upon our own Christmas and how fortunate we have been. We also prayed for children throughout the world who may not have had a peaceful Christmas.

After visiting the crib, we have been representing the birth of Jesus through role play, story telling and creative work.

We have been learning the story of the birth of Jesus through song and drama. The children performed the Nativity for their grown ups and school family. They have grown in confidence during their first term at school and have worked hard to learn the songs and actions to help them share this very special story.

We finished our advent unit with a prayer service to help us to reflect on our Advent journey. During this important season of preparation, we have been finding ways to share, love, joy, hope and peace. We have taken time to listen to our friends, help our grown ups and pray. Each week, we lit the candles on our wreath and shared how we have been l getting ready to welcome our special guest.

We have been responding to the Nativity through music and song. We used musical instruments to represent each character. What sound might the donkey make? What sound did the angels make when they appeared to the shepherds? What about the Bethlehem star that led the Magi to Jesus?

We shared the Presentation in the Temple. We know that at this moment Jesus was recognised as The son of God. We enjoyed sharing this story through role play.

We are exploring symbols of Baptism through role play.

We have been responding to scripture by making music and singing. As part of our Baptism unit we have been learning about the Baptismal candle. We know that this special symbol reminds us that Jesus is our light and our guide. We discussed ways that we can be guiding lights like Jesus. We sand and performed the song 🎵’This Little Light of Mine.

As part of our Baptism unit we are learning how the our Church is a special place that we can gather together. We talked about the times we have visited Church and some children recalled special celebrations they have attended with family.

Acorns gathered together to reflected on the gifts God has given us and say thank you especially the beautiful world and all He has created.

Thank you to R for sharing his prayer bag liturgy with us and the important message about loving our family and friends.

We are reflecting upon the wonders of Gods creation. We are exploring all of His gifts in all our learning this half term. We used fruits and vegetables in our art work. We counted using autumn leaves. We have also been learning about how we can use the Bible to find out about how God created the world for us.

H enjoyed shared the prayer bag with us. Her favourite artifact was the prayer cube, we rolled it and said thank you to God for all He has given us!

We have been learning about the Sacrament of Marriage. We role played a wedding 💒 we enjoyed learning about the special promise people make to care for each other and their children. We talked about special wedding symbols. Did you know that the ring symbolises a promise to always love each other. It is a circle with no beginning and no end.

Well done R for leading our prayer bag liturgy. We loved your message of remembering to say thank you to those who help us!

We are learning about the importance of prayer. We know that when we pray we are talking to God and He is listening to us. We are learning to Sign of the Cross. Can you practise talking to God at home at night before bed?

During the month of October We are learning to say the Rosary. Our chaplaincy team are helping us to say the Hail Mary and Our Father. Can you learn these prayers at home?

Christ in the House of His Parents (1849–50) is a painting by John Everett Millais depicting the Holy Family in Saint Joseph's carpentry workshop. We have been studying this painting and using it to learn about Jesus’ family who loved and cared for him on earth. We are learning about the role of the family and how families should love and care for us. We know that our families show care for us by protecting us and providing for us. Can you talk about how Jesus family showed love for each other.

Meet our subject ambassadors who will help us create exciting and meaningful learning experiences. They will work with members of the OLOL famly to develop their leadership skills and inspire others to do their very best.

We visited Church to spend some special time with Jesus before our first School Mass

We have been learning about our School Mission and thinking about how it will shape our learning this year. We know that we Live, Love and Learn Together.