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Welcome to the website of Our Lady of Lourdes Catholic Primary School, Yardley Wood, Birmingham. If you are worried about a child please speak to a DSL in school or telephone 01213031888 - CASS

Eco Team & Gardening Team OLOL

Our Lady of Lourdes is a public drop off point for crisp and dental care recycling. Items can be dropped off at the school office by members of the public. Pupils can use the bins located in the conservatory area by the playground.


We can raise funds for greening up our school grounds and divert plastic from landfill at the same time. Please check the posters above for more information. 

We had a Pop Up Shop to sell good quality, donated clothes that children in our school had grown out of. We raised £44 for CAFOD. We will send on unsold clothes to St. Chad’s Sanctuary. 


Before the sale we weighed the clothes. They weighed 78.5kg. We will reweigh the remainder after we have sent some to St Chad’s Sanctuary.


Special thanks to Miss Browning and Miss Kobic for teaching us how to sew a button on. Simple repairs keep our clothes in use for longer.

Great Big School Spring Clean

The Eco Council have litterpicked in the Dingles as part of the Great British School Clean. They chose a wooded area close to the Chinn Brook. Two of our topics are Waste and Water, so it made sense to litter pick an area where rubbish was getting into a waterway and out to sea. 


After just half half an hour of litter picking the team had filled almost six bags. We were all surprised by how many small plastic wrappers we found from sweets and cigarette packets as well as wipes. Wipes contain plastic too. They will never biodegrade completely. 


The Dingles looked so much better after a good clean up.

What a Waste!

Charlotte from A Zero Waste Life came to share with us her knowledge about waste in everyday life. She talked to us about how plastic is made, used and wasted. After an assembly pondering the future we’d like to see - more fish 🐠 than plastic in the oceans 🌊 - we all committed to creating less plastic waste. What could you do? Maybe swap single use plastic bags and bottles for reusable ones? 

Year 4 and Reception had workshop sessions with Charlotte. The children identified and sorted waste materials. They came up with campaign ideas to reduce plastic waste. How about always putting the lids back on felt tips so they last longer? Do pen licences need to be plastic cards? 






Eco Council Assembly

The Eco Council planned and led an assembly about old clothing being sent to landfill when it could still be worn. They told us all about what happens to clothes in landfill sites - it can take hundreds of years to break down. 


They have decided to offer a solution to the problem by opening a Pop Up Shop. Clean children’s clothes in good condition will be sorted and sold to raise money for CAFOD.


We will weigh the clothes before and after the shop to see how much clothing we save from landfill. Any unsold clothes will be donated to St Chad’s Sanctuary or our local St Vincent de Paul shop. Any clothes in poor condition will be put in a clothes recycling bank. 

Can you help by donating clothes you have outgrown? Please make sure they are clean and in good condition then bring them to school by Friday 29 March.


The Pop Up Shop will be on Tuesday 2 April in the school hall. We will open for parents and carers at 2.30 p.m. and pupils once they have been collected after school. Refreshments will be on sale too. 



The junior Eco Council members met to carry out an Environmental Review. After discussing our answers we have decided on our three topics for this year's action plan. They are Water, Waste and School Grounds. Look out for more information on the Eco Council board in coming weeks. 


Our aim is to earn an Eco Schools Green Flag.

Worms at Work

The Eco Council have set up two wormeries to help compost some of our food waste. Did you know a worm eats around half its body weight everyday? 

Think Twice Before You Laminate!

Think Twice Before You Laminate! 1

Eco Council Minutes 21.11.18

Eco Council Minutes 19.09.18

Laudato Si' animation | CAFOD

The Eco Team have been reflecting on the words of Pope Francis. In his letter to us all about Our Common Home, the Earth, he calls on all of us to look after the planet. He wants us to use the Earth's resources fairly. Look out for more news on what we can do at Our Lady of Lourdes in the next few weeks and share your ideas with your Eco Team member.

2017/2018 Eco Team Photo

2017/2018 Eco Team Photo 1

Switch Off Fortnight 2017

We are taking part in Switch Off Fortnight this term (but our Eco Team and energy monitors try really hard to keep things switched off all year!). How many things are you leaving on standby at home every day? Switching off saves energy, reduces your bills and helps us conserve fossil fuels...

Picture 1

Governors and Eco Council Afternoon Tea

Governors and Eco Council Afternoon Tea 1
The School Governors and Eco Council came together for an afternoon tea. The children updated the Governors about the Eco code and their work in school this year. They had plenty of questions about the Governors role and offered recycling advice too. Thank you Governors for your time. 

Recycling and Litter Picking

Today we had a visit from Smurfit Kappa and Birmingham City Council Waste Team. They told us what happens to our paper and cardboard at the paper mill in Birmingham. We played a game of 'Recycle or Rubbish'. We had to put our thumbs up for recyclable items and down for rubbish. We learned that these things can be recycled:

  • cardboard
  • paper
  • magazines
  • plastic bottles and caps
  • cans


After the assembly the Eco Team and School Council, went on a litter pick. Rubbish went in a blue bag and recyclables went in a green bag. We picked up some bottles, cardboard, scratch cards and bottle tops. The litter pick crew collected waste from the Dingles, outside school and the local shops and our playground. They put the rubbish in the bins and our visitors took away the recycling. 


Our litter pick crew want you to recycle to keep Birmingham cleaner and healthier. They were disgusted by the rubbish on our streets and very concerned about broken glass that could hurt young children and pets. So use the bins or take your rubbish home! 


Later the Eco Team helped to compile this report and reflect upon our responsibility for the world around us. Perhaps you would like to reflect upon the First Encyclical of Pope Francis; Laudato Si - Care of Our Common Home. How can you help to make the world a cleaner, healthier and fairer place for all?




Our Eco Board 

The Eco Team meet regularly and display information about the work they do to make our school and community a better environment. We are working towards our Eco Schools Award.

Picture 1

Laudato Si' animation for children | CAFOD

CAFOD Laudato Si' Resources for primary school children: Pope Francis has written a letter addressed to every person on this planet, asking us all to protect our common home, the earth. In his encyclical, Laudato Si', Pope Francis speaks openly about the devastating effects of climate change on people and the planet.