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Welcome to the website of Our Lady of Lourdes Catholic Primary School, Yardley Wood, Birmingham. If you are worried about a child please speak to a DSL in school or telephone 01213031888 - CASS. If you think a child is in immediate danger please phone 999. We are an Operation Encompass School

Year N Catholic Life Page

Our Lady of Lourdes

We went to look for images of Our Lady of Lourdes. It is another special name for Mary. It was exciting to look for Mary because our school is named for her.


We found images in our prayer areas, school entrance and church garden. How do we know this is Our Lady of Lourdes? Can you spot her rosary? Yellow roses? Is she in a cave? 

We are learning to say the Hail Mary prayer. This is a prayer we ask Mary to say with us. 


We listened to the story of the Holy Spirit coming to Mary and the disciples at Pentecost. We thought about how they might have felt. The bible tells us that they were filled with God’s love.

The Holy Spirit gave them courage to go out and spread the good news. We prayed that the Holy Spirit will give us courage to do the right thing and always show love to others.

Do you like our flames? They are a symbol of the Holy Spirit. 

Marian Procession

We joined the rest of our school for the Marian Procession. We brought flowers for Mary. We said prayers and sang ‘Hail Mary’. We know that Mary is the mother of Jesus. We thanked her for looking after Jesus. 

Our Church in the Easter Season

We visited church to look for signs of the Easter season. We spotted a cross with a white cloth on it. We noticed the banners and new enormous candle too. Which signs of Easter can we bring into our class? 



We sing ‘Alleluia’ with great joy. It is a special word that means ‘Praise the Lord’. We can sign along too.


Alleluia, amen


Alleluia, amen.


Alleluia, amen


Alleluia, amen.


Praise to you,

Lord Jesus.





Singing Alleluia

Still image for this video


This Easter season we are wondering about the story of Jesus’ resurrection. We had lots to ask. 

How did the big rock move?

Were they sad Jesus died?

Why did Jesus die? 
Why was Jesus wrapped in a white cloth? 
I wonder why Jesus went to the cross? 


What do you wonder? 

Big Lent Walk

We are raising money to donate to CAFOD by taking part in their Big Lent Walk. We have been sponsored to walk as far as we can. We have walked 1.6km so far on the playground. As we walk we sing our Lenten hymns and talk about how the money will be used to help others. 

St Patrick’s Day

To celebrate St Patrick’s feast day, we watched Mass and joined our parish community in prayer. We learned about the ☘️ shamrock which has three parts on one leaf. St Patrick taught that this is like God - the Father, Son and Holy Spirit. We shared our Lenten prayers with each other. 

Our Irish dancers shared their talents with us and we all felt the joy of dancing together. Happy St Patrick’s Day! 


We have made promises for Lent. We are trying very hard to always remember to share with others, be a team at tidy up time at school and at home, say please and thank you and to pray more. 

We made an Alleluia banner and put it away until Easter when we will celebrate Jesus being alive. 

We are learning to sing a new hymn:


God of mercy

you are with us

Fill our hearts with your kindness.


God of patience 

strong and gentle

Fill our hearts with your kindness.


Lord, have mercy.

Lord, have mercy.

Lord, have mercy upon us.



Our Lady of Lourdes Feast Day

We celebrated our feast day with a tasty croissant. We retold the story of Bernadette meeting Mary. She was collecting sticks near the river when she saw a lady in a grotto. No one believed it was Mary until she told Bernadette her special name. Mary had a message - build a shrine so pilgrims can visit Lourdes pray and be blessed by the Holy Water.

Who is God calling you to be?

On Aspirations Day, we dressed up for jobs we want to do when we are older. Special guests talked to us about how they practised skills to do their jobs. We can use our talents to help others. Maybe we can care for people as medics or dance for their pleasure in a show? Perhaps we can keep people safe as fire fighters or police officers? 

We discovered some children keen to serve others in our class. What can you do to help our community in your future job? 

After thinking about how Mary looked after Jesus, the Nursery children like to spot statues and images of Our Lady around school and in church. We think about how she listened to God. How can we be like Mary? 


Did you visit the crib scene in church? We went to look and talk about what we could see. It was a lovely chance to pray together. We thanked God for sending His Son, Jesus.


In Advent we prepare to celebrate the birth of Jesus. We went to look at the advent wreath in the church. We prayed and sang a new hymn.


Stay awake, be ready

You do not know the hour

when the Lord is coming.

Stay awake, be ready.

The Lord is coming soon.


Alleluia, alleluia!

The Lord is coming soon.

Red Wednesday

On Red Wednesday, we wore red clothes to school. We brought money to donate to Aid to the Church in Need. We prayed for people around the world who need help to gather as God’s family. We gave thanks that we can pray and go to church freely. 

We have learned about being part of God's family. This hymn reminds us of God's love. 

He invites us to his banqueting table,
and his banner over me is love x 4


He is the shepherd and we are the sheep

and his banner over me is love x 4

He is the bridge over troubled waters… 

and his banner over me is love x 4

He is the vine and we are the branches…

and his banner over me is love x 4

There is one way to heaven

by the power of the cross…

and his banner over me is love x 4 

Our Church

We are part of God's family. We gather in church to listen, sing and pray. Have you been into our church? What can you see? 

Holy Water

C showed us how to bless ourselves with Holy Water. What do we say when we make the Sign of the Cross?


Nursery brought in food for the harvest collection. We thanked God for the food we have to eat and the people who grow, sell, transport and cook it. We promised to share what we have with others who need it. 

Welcome to our Nursery Catholic Life page. At the start of the year we are learning prayers to start and end our days together. We are learning how to make the Sign of the Cross too. 


Our Morning Prayer

Father in heaven, you love me.

you are with me night and day.

I want to love you always 

in all I do and say.

I will try to please you, Father,

bless me through the day.


End of the Day Prayer

God Our Father, I come to say

thank you for your love today.

Thank you for my family

and all the friends you give to me.

Guard me in the dark of night

and in the morning send your light.


Prayer Services

Every week, we have a prayer service led by one of the class. Each child will have a turn. We have a prayer bag with books and artefacts to help create a prayer service. 

Our Liturgy Leads

E and G from Y6 are our Liturgy Leads. They are helping us to learn new prayers from the Rosary. We are learning the Our Father and Hail Mary first.


We use props to help us tell stories from the bible. We started with the story of Creation. What did God make? How can we look after the earth?

We are learning a new hymn about God making the world. Can you remember the actions and words? 


Who Made the Twinkling Stars?


Who made the twinkling stars?

The twinkling stars

The twinkling stars

Who made the twinkling stars?

Our Father God.


Who made the rolling seas?

The rolling seas

The rolling seas

Who made the rolling seas?

Our Father God.


Who made the birds that fly?

The birds that fly

The birds that fly

Who made the birds that fly?

Our Father God.


Who made you and me?

You and me

You and me

Who made you and me?

Our Father God.


What do you love that God made?