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Year N


We have returned to the story of the birth of Jesus. We tried on costumes to role play the events. Can you remember what each person did? What news did the angels bring? 


We had a prayer service using our Advent wreath. We lit three candles and thought about the special celebration to come. We listened to a reading from the bible about the journey of Mary and Joseph to Bethlehem. How can we get ready to celebrate the birth of Jesus? We said sorry for anything we had done wrong and gave thanks for our families and friends. 

Our Church

Our Lady of Lourdes church is next to our school. We went for a walk around the outside. We talked about what we could see and when we had been in before with our families. Some people were coming out after Mass. Lots of us thought they had been to listen to Father Sean and say their prayers. 


The church looks different to other types of buildings. The windows are a different shape to the ones in our school and homes. Some of them had pictures in them. We spotted Mary and Jesus above the main door. The front of the church has crosses in the brickwork. There are crosses on the roof too. We all thought the church was very big. Why does it need to be so big? 


We visited the grotto too. We had a good look at Mary and the statue of a little girl called Bernadette. We said a Hail Mary together. 


As we went back into school, we noticed a picture above Father Sean's door. It is called The Last Supper. It shows Jesus with his friends the disciples. They are sat at a long table. 



Our Nursery Prayer Area