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Year 6 2022/2023

This week we practised for our mass to celebrate the feast of St. Peter and St. Paul and for our Confirmation mass. please pray for us as we receive the gift of the Holy Spirit on Thursday.

We worked really hard this week to research our chosen Saint for Confirmation and to create a project about them.

We enjoyed the Marian procession led by Year 5 on Tuesday this week

Our liturgy leaders led us beautifully in the glorious mystery of the crowning of our lady today as we prayed together.

We have been practising our singing in hymn practice for our Mass on Thursday for the Ascension

Please pray for us this week as we embark upon our SATS tests.

We wrote some beautiful prayers for vocations and also prayed for vocations in our mass with Father Sean.

We learned about St. George as our Patron Saint of England this week.

This week we learned about our values and virtues for this half term in our Friday assembly.

We were led beautifully by our Liturgy Leaders this week as we prayed the Rosary during Lent

We invited our parents into school this week to work with us in our Lenten work shop. We learnt about how the devil tempted Jesus in the wilderness and how he resisted temptation. We made a pray/fast/give pouch to use during Lent to help us in our Lenten journey and we finished by lighting candles and saying a word we associated with Lent as part of our final prayer service. Thank you to all of our parents who were able to join us.

Rowan class led our whole school mass this week. We celebrated the feast of St. David and prayed for the people of Wales as he is their patron Saint. We offered daffodils and a Welsh flag to God as these are strong symbols of Wales.

We have begun out work during Lent by creating some wonderful work for displays that remind us we are on a journey and how the sacrifice Jesus made by dying on the cross is so amazing. We wrote our Lenten promises on a footprint and put them on our prayer table which we have changed to the liturgical colour purple.

We were led by our Liturgy leaders in a decade of the Rosary this week in preparation for the celebration of the feast of Our Lady of Lourdes this weekend.

We poked at some beautiful icons in our assembly with Mrs P this week and explored the artwork depicting Mary. We talked about the special job that an iconographer has in showing how special Mary is in the Catholic faith.

We met in our house teams this week and discussed how our house saints were eloquent and truthful. These are our Jesuit Values for this half term. In Oscar Romero house we completed a puzzle of a mural erected to remember Oscar Romero.

We listened intently as Mrs David told us about how to be eloquent and truthful in this week’s assembly about our Jesuit Values for this half term.

Following Mrs David’s assembly centred on the Epiphany, we ‘chalked the door’ to remind us of the important role of the kings in the Christmas story.

We have prepared out prayer area for the first week of Advent with the help of our Liturgy leaders. We reflected on it being a hopeful time during our Advent assembly

We learnt about how some Christians are not to allowed to pray in their communities in our assembly about persecution of Christians in our society. We wore red to raise money for ACN who help those who suffer in the name of their faith. We prayed that people would not experience hatred because of their beliefs.

Our trip to London last week allowed us to visit Westminster Cathedral and experience it as a special place at the centre of the Catholic Church in England. we also took time to reflect on the deaths of previous monarchs and people who were highly influential in Science and Writing when we visited Westminster Abbey

We created our remembrance art work this week in preparation for Remembrance Day. We have learnt about the sacrifices of soldiers and civilians in War as part of our History work and we are grateful for the opportunity to live in today’s society where we are free and where tolerance and democracy are valued.

As we started the month of November this week, in Rowan class we had a class assembly on Monday about All Hallow’s Eve. On Tuesday, we celebrated All Saints day with the rest of the school in mass and on Wednesday, we reminded ourselves to remember all those who have died on All Souls Day. On Thursday during our class prayer times we remembered those that were dear to us who have died and we wrote a prayer for them. These prayers will be passed to Father Sean and our prayers will be shared in daily mass during the month of November.

We would like to express our sincere thanks and appreciation to the pupils in Rowan class and their families for their generous donations of food for our harvest collection. We will present the food in our Harvest mass tomorrow and we will celebrate and give thanks for the food we are blessed with.

We felt very blessed this morning to have the opportunity to join schools from all over the Archdiocese of Birmingham to pray the rosary in the presence of the relics of St. Bernadette. We heard about how and why Bernadette was chosen by Our Lady and how she inspired so many before us from Canon Jonathan

Thank you our Liturgy Leaders who lead us in a decade of the Rosary this week as we start the month of October. They reminded us of the importance of the Annunciation as part of the Joyful Mysteries and were holy and reverent in prayer.

We learnt about St Francis of Assisi and how he cared for the world in our assembly that focused on the season of creation

We learnt about Missio morning and reflected on how we can be a missionary by spreading the gospel teachings of God.

We enjoyed thinking about the fact that we all have a guardian angel as we celebrated the feast of the archangels: St. Gabriel, St. Michael and St. Rafael

It was lovely to have Deacon Tim come to bless our classroom on Friday. It will help and guide us in our learning and faith as we go through this year.

We enjoyed finding out more about the rights of the child today in our assembly and we looked at how we are all made in God’s image and so all children have the same rights.

It was lovely to meet everyone who is in Oscar Romero house today. We discussed our values and virtues for this half term: compassionate and loving and we learnt about how Oscar Romero showed compassion and love when fighting for equality for the poor in El Salvador. We looked at some wonderful crosses and tried really hard to create our own.

In Collective Worship, we introduced our Liturgy Leaders to the class, discussed our gifts and talents and decided how we are going to use them this year. We wrote them on a present as a gift to God to add to the basket on our prayer table.

We have spent a lot of time deciding what we would like in our Class Charter for this year.

We enjoyed sharing our hopes for this coming year and discussing our talents in assembly this morning (7th Sept)

As we start our final year at Our Lady of Lourdes, please pray for us (6th Sept)