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Welcome to the website of Our Lady of Lourdes Catholic Primary School, Yardley Wood, Birmingham. If you are worried about a child please speak to a DSL in school or telephone 01213031888 - CASS. If you think a child is in immediate danger please phone 999. We are an Operation Encompass School

Year 1

Love is......

We shared in an assembly to deepen our knowledge of The Sacred Heart of Jesus and shared the words of St.Paul. We also discussed what Love means to us, what does it mean to you?

LOVE IS.....

Sharing Compassion-Enya

Following Jesus-Keelan

The best thing you have-Niamh

Thinking of your family-Alfie


Sharing in the life of Jesus


This week we have been thinking about how we could share in the life of Jesus by being a good disciple. We hope that Jesus will be with us guiding us to do so.















Jesuit Virtues

How will show that you are Hopeful and Faith-filled?
We have thought a lot about this this week and some of our class members will:

  • Follow Jesus’ words and actions-Ella-May
  • Help the bad not just the good-Jaxon
  • Grow closer to God-Catherine
  • Hope to achieve the best in my learning-Niamh
  • Hope to learn and get a good job-Thomas
  • Hope to always use kind words-Betsy



This week we have been reflecting on the vocations of people who inspire us. We have reflected on our learning during the season of Easter and have thought about how we can be more like a disciple of Jesus so that he is in all we say and do.

We have been called by Jesus to spread his teachings and we do so by remembering that a vocation is not just something God calls us to do, it is the person he calls us to be.


Show compassion and love to all ❤️

Our virtues this term are Compassionate and Loving. We have been learning more about the work of our House Team Saints and how they showed compassion and love so this week, and for the remainder of the term, we have decided to be a little less selfish, show empathy, be more kind and considerate and show love even to our enemies. What will you do? Light a candle and reflect on your actions like we have done.

Holy Week


This week we have been reflecting on the events of Holy Week and trying to relate Jesus’ final journey to experiences we have had in our own lives. We thought about this in greater detail when we were learning about Good Friday and the Stations of the Cross.

We painted a picture of a Station that struck a chord with us and explored how it made us feel.



St. Joseph


We have been thinking about St. Joseph who teaches us about the importance of family and about being obedient to God.

We remember that he was protective of Mary and Jesus and a strong father figure, a role model for all. To celebrate this we wrote a class and individual prayers.


Say Sorry


During the season of Lent we try to become closer to Jesus. We remember that he died to save our sins. 
We shared in an assembly with Mrs Anthony where we reflected on the need to say sorry when we have done something wrong. We remember that the Lord always offers forgiveness.

Do the small things during Lent.


This week we have been thinking about the small acts of kindness or help we could show or offer those around us.

On Monday we lit a candle during our assembly to remember that Jesus is the light that we should follow, he guides us on the right path. In RE we wrote our Lenten promises. What will you do during this liturgical season to be closer to Jesus?




Our Lenten Promises


Last week marked the start of Lent and in Year 1 on Monday we shared in an assembly about the significance of this season.

We know that we are preparing for the resurrection of Jesus during this time and we can become closer to him by fasting, giving and praying. We used this knowledge to write a Lenten promise.



Our Lady of Lourdes Feast Day

We care as members of God’s family.


This week we have been thinking about how we can show care to those who are in need or are sick. The children wanted to know how the Church helps these people so we asked Father Sean.


1. What can I do from home to help those who are sick?

You can pray for the sick.

2. What prayers do you say to the sick to ask for God’s help?

I pray with the sick to ask for God’s help-all our prayers go to God. There is a special prayer and anointing with oil called the Anointing of the Sick which I pray, asking God to strengthen those who are sick, to comfort them, keep them from pain and hopefully sometimes lead to them getting better.

3. Can those in need visit the Church?

Yes, the Church is always there for people to call in and pray.

4. What special prayers do you say for those in need?

There are different prayers. As well as the Our Father and the Hail Mary, which is asking Mary, mother of God to pray for those in need, to her son, Jesus.

5. What can we do as members of God’s family to help those in need?

Pray for them as well as through our donations of food or money.

Year One joined CAFOD’s water of life assembly today.

We joined in our mass thinking about the feast day of Saint Thomas Aquinas.

Christian Unity Week


We have started our week learning that all Christian’s have faith in one God. This week we have pledged to think about how we can show that we have faith in God.


Catherine would like to share the love of God with others.

Arthur would like to share kindness.

Jude would like to help those in need.


What will you do to share your faith?

A new year and a new start to follow the Lord


In Elm class we were lucky to be able to spend the first day of this term together as our Elm Class family talking about our hopes and dreams for this year.

This week we have been thinking about our virtues, Grateful and Generous, and how we could show these virtues at home and school. It seems those children learning from home are very grateful to their parents for the love, support and hugs they receive.

Advent Liturgy Service


During Advent we know that we are waiting and preparing for the birth of Jesus on Christmas Day. We shared in an Advent Service that we planned together and we ask you to think about our messages as you wait and prepare.


1. It is nearly Jesus’ birthday.

2. Jesus was born on Christmas Day.

3. Christmas is not just about the presents, it is about the gift of our Lord.



Advent Wreath

We have been learning about the season of Advent and the symbol that is the Advent Wreath.

Some of us have spent time creating an Advent Wreath at home.



Can you remember the colour of the candles that have been lit at Mass?

What do they represent?

Look for ways to be kind


As we begin our Advent journey waiting for the coming of Jesus’ birthday we have been thinking about our daily tasks on our Liturgical Calendar.


In Elm Class we hope to continue to spread kindness this week.

We are Intentional and Prophetic


Jesus said “I tell you, you are Peter. And on this rock I will build my church.” Matthew 16:18


In class we have spent the first part of our week thinking about what this means for us. We know that we are the church and through our actions and words we will continue to build the church.

We have also taken part in an Imaginative Meditation learning that silence is an opportunity to pray and speak to God.

How will you be Intentional and Prophetic at home?

November is the month we remember


This week we have thought about those who have died for us, who have sacrificed their lives for a better world for us.

We think about All Saints and All Souls as well as those who have died during war and are thankful to them.

Class Prayers


Today, during our class prayer time, we decided to write a prayer to Mary as we remember her during the month of October.

St.Vincent de Paul


We have started our week thinking about how we could be more like St.Vincent de Paul.

This week we have promised to:

* Love our neighbour

* Show love through kindness

* Take care of one another at home and school

* Be generous in our words and actions

* Give to charity if we can


What will you do as part of our community?

The Holy Rosary


During the month of October we think about Mary. We have shared the Rosary together this week in class and listened to a story from The Joyful Mysteries and The Sorrowful Mysteries.

We ask that the children in Elm continue to share in the Rosary throughout this month.

The Feast of Saint John Henry Newman


This week we have been thinking about Harvest and the fruits of the harvest that we receive from God and Jesus. 
Not only do we celebrate the harvest of food but also the harvest of love and compassion that we receive from our family and friends.


Thank you to those who have contributed to our Harvest collection.

House Teams


We revisited the Saints we celebrate here at Our Lady of Lourdes through our House Teams today. Can you remember which House you are in?





To celebrate Little Way Week we began our day exploring the meaning behind this week of celebration through an assembly. This week we will try to help and care for others at home and school.



In honour of the feast of the 'Exhalation of the Cross', Elm class designed crosses for their Prayer Journals as a way of saying thank you to Jesus for that he has done for us.

Elm class watch Mass as a class and pray for our school and parish.

God’s Creation

Our Class Saint - St Francis

Our School Virtues

Mission statement