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“Christ at the centre of our school where we live, love and learn together”


Welcome to the website of Our Lady of Lourdes Catholic Primary School, Yardley Wood, Birmingham. If you are worried about a child please speak to a DSL in school or telephone 01213031888 - CASS

Year 3

Beech class welcome you to their Catholic Life page. This is an important year for us as we prepare for the Sacrament of Reconciliation and The Eucharist. Please remember us in your prayers. 

Watch us as we grow in faith this year.

As Jesus had his disciples to help him in his ministry and serve other people, these children have been elected by their friends in Beech class to serve their school family as councillors. Meet our pupil voice team!

Eco Councillors
Sport Councillors
E - Safety Councillors
School Councillors

Meet the Year 3 Chaplaincy Team!

Mission Accepted!


In our Religious Education lesson, at the start of our new school year, we reflected on our school mission.


'Christ is the centre of our school community 

where we live, love and learn together.'

Busily working on how we can live our school mission...

Year 3 Class Saint

St. John Vianney

The Cure of Ars (Parish Priest of Ars in France)


Our Class Saint was the parish priest of Ars in France and we learned so much about him when we listened to his story. We decided that he had many qualities which will inspire us this year. 

St. John Vianney . . . 

  • loved God with his whole heart and had a strong faith,
  • made the right choices,
  • was generous and compassionate and helped many people , especially the poor, 
  • persevered when his work was difficult, 
  • was a good role model to other people.


St. John Vianney is the Patron Saint of priests.

His feast day is the 4th August. 

Our Jesuit Virtues this half term are 'Curious and Active. We have been thinking about how we can show these virtues in our work and play. 



We enjoyed taking time out to talk to God in our 'New Beginnings' class prayer service. We thought about how we welcome Jesus when we welcome others through our kind words and actions. 

Blessing Service


Beech class gathered together at the start of a new school week to ask God’s blessing on us, as we live and work together as his family and on our classroom, where we learn together. Mrs Creegan sprinkled our door with holy water and we look forward to a happy and successful year ahead.

Let us pray for Our Lady of Lourdes School. May it be a community of learning, growth and peace where each person is respected, encouraged, and celebrated as a son or daughter of God our Father...Lord, hear us

On Our Lady's birthday, we joined Deacon Tim and members of our parish family for a liturgical service via our church web cam. Do you know who Our Lady's mother is? Can you explain why this was not a mass yet the congregation received Holy Communion?

Celebrating as a school and parish family...
Joining in with prayers...

Cafod's National Assembly: The World We Want

10th September 2020

This morning we joined in with many other schools around the country to take part in Cafod's National Assembly, which reflected on the changes in our world which we have all experienced and to think about how we can work together to build a better world. We discussed as a class the small things we could each do which could make a big difference and each made a pledge to do one thing this year to build a better world. 

Our Chaplaincy Team rose to the challenge and lead our first Angelus prayer in Year 3. 

Monday morning again and we celebrate the ‘Feast of Exaltation of the Holy Cross’. This is a special day when we remember the sacrifice Jesus made dying on the cross to save us. We praise and thank Him for what he has done.

Here I am to I am to bow I am to say that you're my God.

During open prayer, two beautiful prayers were offered. 


God the Son,

You redeemed the world with love

and compassion. Thank you!



God the Son,

Thank you for sacrificing yourself for us

so that our sins can be forgiven. 



In our RE lesson we have been thinking about what it means to be responsible and what qualities we need to use to show responsibility.

We will be patient and encouraging...
We will be polite and respectful...
We will be forgiving  and mature...

We continued our reflections on the Exaultation of the Holy Cross. In our prayer journals we designed our own crosses and included words to praise God.

almighty, loving
a creator, supreme
mighty, inspiring
amazing, faithful
compassionate, brilliant
special, holy

Did you know that exaulted means to raise up?

gentle, the best
glorious, forgiving
wise, fearless
sacred, learned

Our class prayer area reflects that we are in ordinary time. Our key vocabulary is displayed to help us with our learning.

How can you live, love and learn like Jesus?

Our prayers asking God to help us be inspired by our class saint, St John Vianny are also displayed. We use them in class prayer time.

Give me courage . Help me to follow in the footsteps of St. John Vianney as he was such a good man. Help me to help others.

In assembly this morning, we were reminded that it is still a special year of prayer and reflection on the Word of God called 'The God who Speaks'. Throughout this year we have been asked to look at how God speaks to us through the Bible, why the Bible is important to us and how we should use it to listen to God and what he wants for us. During our Sunday Masses this year, we are hearing from the Gospel of St. Matthew.

How important is the Bible to you?
Living God, you walk alongside us and speak to us throughout the Scriptures.
Do you listen to the word of God in school and church?

We shared this reflection. Have a read. It will really make you think!

Mobile phones vs The Bible...What bill did Jesus pay?

Our Chaplaincy Team evaluated our assembly...

We gave thanks for the harvest today when we joined our parish family for Mass. It was lovely to see Father Sean again as he welcomed the children of OLOL school to the celebration of the Mass. We made a connection to yesterday's assembly and knew that the Gospel was from St. Matthew.

Did you know from the 30th September to the 6th of October it is Little Way Week? Little Way Week is run by the charity MISSIO in honour of St. Therese of Lisieux whose feast day is 1st October.