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Welcome to the website of Our Lady of Lourdes Catholic Primary School, Yardley Wood, Birmingham. If you are worried about a child please speak to a DSL in school or telephone 01213031888 - CASS. If you think a child is in immediate danger please phone 999. We are an Operation Encompass School

Year R 2021/2022

Acorns take a moment to reflect and say thank you to God for the past year.

E shared the prayer bag with her sister this week. They prayed the Guardian Angel prayer together.

We are learning to use our own words for prayer. We prepared the altar with artefacts that reflect our love for God. During our prayer service we reflected upon the importance of Mary and how she looked after Jesus and cares for the Church community. We asked Mary to pray for us.

What A brilliant eco message in C's final Prayer Bag prayer this week. Beautiful!

We have been learning about the feast of Corpus Christi. We know that Jesus is present at the Eucharist.

R prayed that his new baby brother would arrive safely!

We know that Mary loved and cared for Jesus. She also cares for the church community. We visited church and found lots of Images and statues that honour Mary. We enjoyed being welcomed into church, Mary was there to greet us. Just as our mommy’s welcome us home each evening.

We loved F's Prayer Bag Liturgy today. We prayed especially for her new cousin P.

We are learning to recite important prayers of the church. We say the Hail Mary each day and think about the ways that Mary loved and cared for Jesus. Please say this prayer each day with your child. Perhaps you can talk about the words and how they honour Mary.

I shared her pray to St. Patrick in our Prayer Bag Liturgy today!

Reception enjoy joining their school family and Mrs Anthony for Hymn Practice. We are learning hymns that we will sing in Mass.

Acorns mixed red for the disciples' fear and their yellow of the joy of the Holy Spirit, to make make the orange flames that settled on their heads at Pentecost. '

Reception class have been exploring the Pentecost story through drama, role play, music and art. We enjoyed exploring the feelings of the Disciples before and after the coming of the Holy Spirit.

In Reception, we have been reflecting upon the many things that we have to be grateful for. We are blessed in so many ways. We enjoyed sharing our prayers of thanks with each other and God. We placed a pebble in the jar to represent all the gifts that we have been given.

Reception prepared the circle for prayer. We gathered together and shared our prayers about of thanks to God for new life. We expressed our thanks for ‘helping Jesus’ and for ‘looking after him, when he was hurt.’ We enjoyed singing Alleluia.

We visited the Church to explore Easter signs and symbols. We talked about how the Paschal candle reminds us of the risen Jesus. Some children looked at the cross and related it to the symbols on the candle.

Reception were great ambassadors for our school during the trip to Wolverhampton Art Gallery and School of Art. They were commended for their wonderful behaviour and engagement with the art work on display. They asked lots of questions and were interested in finding out how the art was made. They lived out many Jesuit Virtues.

Reception visited the church to look at the Stations of the Cross. They were so interested in this important aspect of their faith. They asked lots of questions and many children said that they would have helped Jesus by wiping his face like Veronica.

During the season of Lent, Reception are looking for opportunities for prayer. We know that we are trying to live as Jesus taught us. We are learning to forgive and say sorry for the times we have made the wrong choice.

E celebrated the feast of St. Patrick when he took the prayer bag home this week. He coloured a beautiful shamrock and prayed St. Patrick's Breastplate with his family, Beautiful E!

Reception will be looking at the Laudato Si Live Simply Lenten calendar each day and thinking about how we can pledge to be better caretakers of God's world each day during Lent.

R proudly showing the class how he prayed with his family when he took the prayer bag home!

Reception have been learning about the important role of our Parish Priest, Father Sean. We know that Father Sean is a special member of God's family who loves and cares for us. We know that Father Sean visits people at home who are too poorly to come to Mass. How else does Father Sean love and care for us?

G and C are our chaplains. They are helping us to pray the rosary.

On Friday 11th February we celebrated the Feast day of Our Lady of Lourdes. To prepare us for this special feast day we have been learning about Mary’s apparitions to the grotto in Lourdes. We visited the grotto beside the Church and talked about what we could see. We enjoyed spotting similarities between images from the story and our special grotto. Can you find Bernadette? What is she doing? What is Mary wearing and why are there flowers at her feet? We said the Hail Mary in procession just like pilgrims do in Lourdes.

Reception are learning the important prayers of their faith. We are learning about the Hail Mary. We are trying hard to think about and learn the words of this special prayer. By learning the signs, we are encouraged to think about it more deeply.

Reception are learning about prayer. We visited the prayer area and showed our friends what we know about prayer. We know that prayer is a special conversation with God. We talked about what we might say to God and why it is important to spend time in prayer with Him. Each day we will focus on the words in our daily prayers and look for opportunities to thank and praise Him.

Reception have been reflecting upon the feelings of the people who were present at the birth of Jesus. We know that this was a very special event. We wonder how we might have felt had we been there. What might you have said, thought and felt?

Reception class worked as a team to create the Christmas R.E display. They enjoyed recalling and creating all the different characters that were present at the birth of Jesus.

Reception sang beautifully at our whole school end of term Mass.

In reception we are preparing for the coming of Jesus during Advent. We have been learning about the Advent wreath.we know that there are four weeks in Advent. We know that we light one candle during each of the four Sunday’s during Advent. We are waiting to light the white candle on Christmas Day.

Reception enjoyed visiting Church to look and talk about how it changes during Advent. Can you talk to an adult about symbols of Advent.

C and A received virtues certificates from Mrs David this half term.

Reception wore red for Red Wednesday. We are learning about how the Church helps persecuted Christians around the world. We visited Church, lit a candle and prayed for those who don’t have the freedom to do so. Can you visit church and light a candle together?

We are learning about the symbol of the candle. We know that when we light a candle, Jesus is with us. We say that Jesus is the light of the world.

This half term we are trying to be more learned and wise. We shared stories from the life of Jesus and learnt that Jesus was a teacher. We will be sharing Jesus’ example and talking about how we can learn to be more like him by being more loving and kind.

We have been learning the story of The Presentation at the Temple. We enjoyed retelling the story and hearing that Jesus was called the light of the world.

We visited Church to find out a little more about why it is such a special and important place. We enjoyed exploring all the different areas and talking about what we saw. Could you visit church with your family and share what you find out?

We are learning that October is the month of the Rosary.

We are learning about the wonder of God’s creation. We know that it our responsibility to care for all of Gods world, no matter how big or small.

Today we shared the CAFOD assembly. We made pledges to care for our common home. How will you care for Gods creation?

We are learning about the Sacrament if Marriage. We know that Christian marriages happen in a Church. This special celebration is an important part of our Catholic Faith. The Priest plays an important role in sanctifying the marriage. We know the ring is a special symbol that represents the promise to love and care for each other and the other members of the family. Who cares for the people in your family?

Deacon Tim visited our classroom to bless the children, teachers and prayer area. He said a special prayer and used holy water to bless everyone.

We live, love and learn together.

Reception class have started their rights, respecting schools journey by contributing to the class charter. We talked about our right to play and feel safe. We agreed that we must share, tidy up and treat each other with kindness.

We enjoyed collective worship. We looked at the symbol of the cross and crucifix and talked about them as important symbols of our faith. We looked at the bible and shared our first stories about Jesus. Can you help your child to learn the prayers of the day?