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Year 5 2022/2023

Advent Art

To begin our Advent unit, we created a piece of art using oil pastels and then took part in Advent meditation. We thought about the hope felt by Elizabeth and Mary as they awaited the birth of their children: John, who prepare the way for the Messiah; and Jesus, who would be the light to dispel the darkness.


Linden went over to church for Benediction with Deacon Tim. It was a lovely, devotional ceremony which we enjoyed celebrating together as the perfect end to our week. We said the Divine Praises together and took a moment in silence to reflect on all we have to be grateful for and to pray for our any of our friends and family who might be going through difficult times at the moment. Deacon Tim blessed us with the Eucharist and we thought about our devotion and adoration for God. 

Class Liturgy 

A led our class in a lovely prayer service that she had thoughtfully planned using our prayer bag. It was a lovely, tranquil end to our busy week.

Red Wednesday

We all wore red to show our support for persecuted Christians around the world. As a class we prayed for all the Christians around the world who don’t have access to a bible and aren’t allowed to gather together to celebrate God’s Word. We prayed that God gives persecuted Christians comfort, hope and the right words to say to stand up for their beliefs.


As a whole school, we gathered in prayer and reflection to remember the fallen of war and conflict. We prayed for the souls of all we have lost - those we have known and those we do not know. We said thank you for the sacrifice of many that came before us so that we could live in a country that is free and strong.

Class Prayer Bag 

E asked two of her friends to help her lead her prayer service for the class. She carefully planned out the service and delivered it with reverence and sincerity. 

Harvest Collection

This morning, we dropped off our harvest collection to the church. We understand importance of almsgiving and carrying out charitable acts for those less fortunate than ourselves.

Baptism of Jesus

To start our Baptism unit, we looked at a stunning piece of artwork based on the baptism of Jesus and recreated our own version using watercolour paint. We thought about how God has given us all a purpose and vocation as He did for John the Baptist. 

The Beatitudes

We explored some of the teachings of Jesus to his disciples about being the light of the world and the salt of the earth. We know that Jesus taught his disciples to use their gifts and talents at the service of other people. Then, we looked at the other important form of teaching from Jesus about using gifts and talents at the service of other people found in the Beatitudes. After analysing the version of the Beatitudes in Matthew and Luke’s Gospel, we discussed which gifts and talents are needed to live out some of these Beatitudes Working in groups, we wrote our own prayers asking God to use our gifts and talents at the service of other human beings. We focused on the Beatitudes of Jesus, understanding that they provide a guide for living as a disciple of Christ.

The Holy Rosary

As we entered the month of October this week, our Liturgy Leaders led us in a decade of the Rosary. We reflected on one of the ‘Joyful Mysteries’: The Annunciation. We recalled that Our Lady gave the Rosary to St Dominic as a special prayer so as we said the first decade we remembered and reflected on the life of Jesus.

Class Saint Feast Day

Today, Linden led a whole school Mass celebrating the feast day of our class saint, St Michael the Archangel. It was a powerful mass where we considered the impact St Michael can have on us this year; perhaps he can influence us to be courageous as he defeated Satan or responsible and caring as he is the patron saint of the police and paramedics. 

The Creation of Adam 

To begin our 'Creation' unit in RE, we recreated a section of the famous painting on the Sistine Chapel ceiling, Michelangelo’s Creation of Adam: Adam’s hand reaching to touch the mighty right hand of our Lord. We used the grid method to ensure our drawings were precise. Then, we used flesh tones to add colour; we focused on highlighting the areas where the light touches the hands and using a darker shadow to deepen the darkest areas making sure that the whole illustration was blended perfectly. We thought about how we were made in the image and likeness of God and what that demands of us. 

Prayer Bag Liturgy

G led Linden in their first 'prayer bag' liturgy of the year. It was a lovely liturgy celebrating the astonishing life of Her Majesty and giving thanks for her service. G presented her service beautifully and reverently with the help of some of her friends. 


New Beginnings 

We held our first whole class collective worship led by our newly appointed liturgy leads; it was a beautiful service of welcome and new beginnings.

Compassionate and Loving

We worked in groups to explore this half term’s Jesuit Virtues: Compassionate and Loving. We discussed what is meant by each virtue and how this will shape our work and play this year.

Our Class Saint: Saint Michael the Archangel

We learned all about St Michael and enjoyed completing a fact file about the chief of all the angels and of the army of God. We are looking forward to celebrating our class saint on 29th September, his feast day.

Our Mission

We discussed our school Mission Statement and explored how this will affect our actions and faith this year.