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“Christ at the centre of our school where we live, love and learn together”


Welcome to the website of Our Lady of Lourdes Catholic Primary School, Yardley Wood, Birmingham. If you are worried about a child please speak to a DSL in school or telephone 01213031888 - CASS. If you think a child is in immediate danger please phone 999. We are an Operation Encompass School

Year N

Ash Wednesday

Father Sean and Mrs Anthony came to Nursery to lead us in a liturgy for Ash Wednesday. Father Sean explained that the ashes are made by burning palm crosses from last year. We will receive fresh palm crosses on Palm Sunday in a few weeks.


Mrs Anthony played the guitar and we all sang. Father led us in a prayer. Then Father made a cross on each of our foreheads with the ash and asked us to try to be like Jesus during Lent. How can you be more like Jesus?

Holy Water

God’s Family

We are learning about the Sacrement of Baptism. We went to find the Holy Water in church. We found some by the doors and stopped to bless ourselves. Then we searched inside the church. We found water in the font. Some children knew that this is where Father Sean puts water on a baby's head and makes the Sign of the Cross. We sang 'I Belong to the Family of God' and said a prayer of thanks for our own baptisms. 
Nursery are learning all about being a part of God’s Family. We have prepared our prayer area to help us. 

God Our Father cares for us

We have thought about the people that love and care for us. We thanked God for their love. 


Harvest Collection

Thank you Nursery families for your donations to our Harvest collection. The box will be delivered to St. Chad’s Sanctuary after Harvest Mass. 

A Visit from Deacon Tim

Deacon Tim came to visit us in Nursery. He brought Holy Water with him to bless us and our classroom. We all made the Sign of the Cross and prayed together. Deacon Tim sprinkle Holy Water on us as he gave us a blessing. He told us that when we make the Sign of the Cross we are blessing ourselves. We know that a blessing is from God. 

A Visit to Our Church

The Nursery children went to explore our church. We talked about what people do in church. We know that a church is a place to pray, sing, read from the bible and to listen to Fr. Sean. Who gathers in the church? We know that we might see Fr. Sean and Deacon Tim there. 


We blessed ourselves with Holy Water on the way in and out. Can you find the fonts in our photographs?


We noticed a very big crucifix hanging from the ceiling and lots of smaller ones. Who is on the crucifix? 


Some children showed their friends the Children's Liturgy room. What do you do here? 


We lit a candle and said a prayer of thanks for our church. Take a look at our photographs. Can you find the bell? What is it for? Do you know who the statues are of? 



Creation - What are you grateful for?

We have been thinking about the beautiful world God gave us. We talked about the things God made including ourselves. We are grateful for all the things we can do. What are you grateful for? What can you do? 


We can run, climb, sing, help, share, care and play together.

Thank you God. 

Nursery Prayer Area

What can you see in our prayer area?

Can you find the:

  • crucifix
  • rosary
  • bible
  • Mary

Can you make the Sign of the Cross? 

Who can you see in the photographs?