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Welcome to the website of Our Lady of Lourdes Catholic Primary School, Yardley Wood, Birmingham. If you are worried about a child please speak to a DSL in school or telephone 01213031888 - CASS

Year N

We have been reading ‘The Tiger who came to Tea’ by Judith Kerr. He ate all the sandwiches on the plate, all the buns on the dish, all the tins and packets in the cupboard and even the supper cooking on the stove.


We decided to make some more sandwiches. We spread the butter and jam or marmalade on the bread then cut each sandwich into 4 pieces. What do you like to have in a sandwich? 




We washed Mrs Patrick’s car. It helped us to learn the names of the different parts. Can you find the petrol cap? What is the big front window called? How does the driver see when it is dark?


We worked as a team to wash the car. Look at our photographs to see how we did it. We needed to find a way to reach the roof, check everyone had a cloth each, share the space, wipe the car and take turns to rinse the car with the hose. What a lot of skills! We even made up a song as we worked, ‘wash, wash, wash the car, get it nice and clean.’


If you need help with any jobs, just call the Nursery children. We’re always happy to help.