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Year 6

Our trip to the Greek Orthodox of the Holy Trinity and St. Luke

There is nothing like getting stuck into a good book in the sunshine

We had such fun today! Whole school afternoon tea with visits to the park and a classroom party! Post SATS celebrations are in full swing! 

Attendance winners for 3 weeks running! Well done guys

Bravo to our year 5/6 swimming team! A great result for OLOL

This week we visited BMAG to take part in an Anciet Egypt workshop. We learnt all about mummification and got to see some fantastic artefacts from thousands of years ago! We cannot wait for our new history topic now! 

Did you know that during the mummification process, your brains had to be pulled out through your nose! Ewww!

Post PE meditation time! Yr6 took themselves to the ‘foundation of SATS knowledge’ while in their ‘lotus flower’ positions

Rowan would like to wish you all a happy St Patrick’s Day

Board game afternoon - a bit of light relief from SATs papers!

We love PE in Year 6 - especially a whole class activity, team work makes for dream work! You all played so well together today guys, superb!

Our WW2 air raid shelters

We have started making our WW2 inspired air raid shelters! Stay tuned for more updates on this fun DT project :)

Happy Chinese New Year everyone

Maths is fun...even with SATS fast approaching

Today we scaled measurements using our multiplication and division skills to make a smoothie for 40 people - it went down a treat with children and staff alike! 

Anti-bullying week

Stay tuned to see the videos we made for #antibullyingweek 

‘Magical Maths’ - plotting data

What is your favourite subject to teach?


Today we collected our own data by questioning teachers. We conducted a survey and then plotted our own data in more than one way. Pie chart plotting was our favourite. ☺️ We found the mean, mode, median and range. 


Can an you have a go at doing a similar thing at home year 6?

Bench Ball Championships

In PE, we have been looking at our catching and throwing techniques. We applied this to a game of bench ball looking at factors which effect a game. Miss Madden introduced a rule of silence! We found that we actually worked more effectively as a team when we could not shout and talk to each other. We realised how important our other senses are and how they are essential for effective team work. 

Christmas Co-ordinates

Who ever said maths can’t be fun?! SATS prep with a Christmas twist 

Christmas celebrations at OLOL

We ended term in style at Our Lady of Lourdes. Pantos, partyies and mince pies ☺️ Merry Christmas everyone 

Ration Books

Eve brought in her grandma’s ration books today. What a great find Eve, a perfect primary source to link to our WW2 topic!

Swimming survival skills

Any excuse to wear our pjyamas to school for the day :) 

He's finally on pen! Celebrations for Mason this week, well done!

Cleaning up this week! Bravo year 6, look at all our Golden Awards!!

Our November remeberance poppies. Each day we take one down and read a prayer for those gone before us.

1,2,3 debate!! It's Parliament Week

Yr 6 English Inspire Powerpoint

Speaking and Listening

As the Boy in Striped Pjyamas is our core text this term, we have been planning and performing scenes as a group using the text. We had some strict guidelines to adhere to but we worked as a team to make sure our performances were perfect! 

A double whammy for Skyla this week! BRAVO

Mrs David loved our book reviews! Awesome guys well done!

Year 6 Maths Inspire Powerpoint

A really informative year 6 Maths inspire session with parents this morning, thank you for coming and working with your child!

Our lunchtime art group

Bucket ball #beactive #netandwall

Today we perfecting our throwing and catching skills looking at all things that factor into a good throw/catch: positioning, stance, aim, force and communication. We highlighted communication as a really important factor when throwing and catching, escpecially during a competitive game.


When applying our skills to a game of bucket ball, we decided to play one game in silence! This forced everyone to have to communicate by looking and listening. It highlighted to us that there are different ways of communicting during a game, each one is as imprortant as the other! 

Thanks to our lovely parents, grandparents and family members who came in for our 'parent lunch' today.

Thank you Deacon Tim and Mrs Anthony for a beautiful classroom blessing service today!

Our first Confirmation preparation mass

Roald Dahl day 2017 - can you guess who we all came as?

What a beautiful mass Rowan! The 1st of a trilogy of comfirmation preparation masses was last Sunday. Thanks to everyone one who came to support year 6! 

Tackling exam style questions head on - SATS we`re coming for you!!

Year 6 cleaned up this week!! And a double whammy for Mason! Well done guys!

'Michel' our friend friend is back to practice our French vocal with us - tres bien Hope!

Welcome to our class page - Year 6 2017-18

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