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Year 5

Welcome to Year Five's Catholic Life page

The Creation of Adam by Michelangelo

We recreated a section of the famous painting on the Sistine Chapel ceiling, Michelangelo’s Creation of Adam: Adam’s hand reaching to touch the mighty right hand of our Lord. We used the grid method to ensure our drawings were precise. Then, we used flesh tones to add colour; we focused on highlighting the areas where the light touches the hands and using a darker shadow to deepen the darkest areas making sure that the whole illustration was blended perfectly.

Year Five’s ‘Pinky Promises’

We have been considering where we can use our gifts and talents in the service of other people. Each of us wrote a promise to use our gifts/talents to help someone and placed it in our ‘pinky-promise’ basket in our prayer corner.

Saint Michael the Archangel

We celebrated our Class Saint on Friday as it was his feast day on Sunday. We learnt all about him at the start of term and enjoyed completing a fact file about the chief of all the angels and of the army of God.

The Beatitudes

We explored some of the teachings of Jesus to his disciples about being the light of the world and the salt of the earth. We know that Jesus taught his disciples to use their gifts and talents at the service of other people. Then, we looked at the other important form of teaching from Jesus about using gifts and talents at the service of other people found in the Beatitudes. After analysing the version of the Beatitudes in Matthew and Luke’s Gospel, we discussed which gifts and talents are needed to live out some of these Beatitudes Working in groups, we wrote our own prayers asking God to use our gifts and talents at the service of other human beings. We focused on the Beatitudes of Jesus, understanding that they provide a guide for living as a disciple of Christ.

No Outsiders in our School: Diversity and Equality

As part of our RE unit, we have been reflecting on creation and the diversity of people. We explored why it was important for God to teach us about the equality of people and considered how this belief influences how we act. We are currently producing artwork demonstrating our understanding that we recognise God’s image and likeness in people from all nations and cultures. We can’t wait to show you our final pieces.

Prayer Bag

After taking our Prayer Bag home for the week, M led a brilliant prayer service all about Extraordinary Mission Month and John Henry Newman which was especially special in light of his Canonisation next week.

Extraordinary Mission Month

We all completed a Missio sheet displaying our personal mission for this year.  We considered our commitment to being disciples of Jesus and how this should affect our thoughts and our actions when living out our Catholic lives at home, in school and within our parish and the wider community.

Laudato Si

We looked at the Laudato si prayer and discussed the meaning. We thought about the water crisis and pollution in Flint, Michigan, USA and made a prayer for the people who live there.

Freeze Frames - Miracles

After using Bible references to find different Miracle stories, we worked in groups to create a freeze-frame for a chosen one. We explored the use of expression and the possible thoughts of the characters. We considered what the onlookers might have said about Jesus after the miracles took place and how the lives of those involved, either witnessing or experiencing, were changed after what Jesus did.

Prayer Bag

E led a beautiful prayer service all about vocation and being chosen by God. Reverent and supportive helpers assisted her. 

Rosary Beads

M made her own set of Rosary Beads at home and brought them in to show us. They are so beautiful. What a lovely idea!

Sacrament of the Sick

First, we looked at photographs of the Sacrament of the Sick being administered. We explored the gestures of laying on of hands and anointing with the Oil of the Sick. We heard the words that are said to the sick person as they are anointed with the oil on their forehead and hands: “Through this holy anointing may the Lord in his love and mercy strengthen you by the grace of the Holy Spirit. May the Lord who frees you from sin, save you and raise you up.” We wrote prayers for the sick to give to Fr Sean to take to the sick when he next visits them.

Baptism of Jesus

We are starting our new unit, Baptism, in RE after half term. Today we looked at a stunning piece of artwork based on the baptism of Jesus and recreated our own version using watercolour paint.

Prayer Service

M led an informative prayer service all about St Michael, our class saint. She challenged us to think about our vocation and ask our the Archangel to give us the courage and determination he demonstrated as we search for our role in our Catholic Life.

Mrs David’s Remembrance Challenge

We all wrote a letter to The Irish Guards British Army thanking them for their courage, resilience and commitment when protecting our nation and guarding our royal palaces. They have devoted their lives to working in the service of others and this is something that inspires us all.

Prayer Bag

This week, M delivered a beautiful prayer service all about The Good Samaritan. At the end of our collective worship, M told us to go forth and take inspiration from Jesus’ teaching by being kind, caring and compassionate to others.  

Retreat Day

We had a fantastic time during OLOL's Retreat Day with One Life Music. We especially enjoyed working with Dan learning to sign to the new song, 'His Goodness Never Fails' ready to perform during the closing liturgy. 

Prayer Journals

We love writing in our Prayer Journals; we record our thoughts and prayers through illustrations and notes.

I am special because …

Today, we wanted to tell our friends exactly why they are special. Firstly, we discussed how we are all unique and special in our own way; we talked about all of our positive qualities and considered whether we actually realise how special we really are. Then, we attached a piece of card to our backs and walked around the room writing on our peers’ backs what makes them special. It was so heart-warming reading all of the lovely things our friends wrote about us.


For our CAFOD fundraising, we held a sponsored crazy hair day – it was lots of fun but we did look very peculiar. Thank you to everyone who sponsored us!

Laudato Si tree

We all made a pledge to do one thing for our Common Home. We had lots of great ideas:

  • always turn off lights when leaving a room
  • try not to waste food
  • recycle at home and school
  • use a bar of soap instead of shower gel
  • walk/cycle/scoot to school

Collective Worship

This week, we learned about those who are homeless, asylum seekers or refugees in our RE lesson. We all wrote prayers and shared them in our class liturgy.

Prayer Journal 

In response to Mrs Anthony's assembly on Monday, two members of the Chaplaincy Team led a Prayer Journal session about a piece of religious artwork. We learned that we need to open our hearts to Jesus and we explored how we can be a light to others.

Liturgical Dance

As part of our dance unit in PE, this week we used our school mission statement to choreograph a routine.