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Year 3

Welcome to Beech Class Page!smiley

Meet our elected Councillors!


History inspiring Art!


Beech class have been learning about early Stone Age cave paintings. We had fun creating our own hand painting and learning about the techniques used in the Paleolithic period. We evaluated our finished work using two stars and a wish and have decided we can't wait to do some more Stone Age art work. 

We are Computer Programmers!


Beech class proving what great programmers they are! All children used the Scratch programme and used their coding skills to develop a moving character in a game (in this case Dog 2b)

Next steps will be adding interactive backgrounds and debugging programmes to correct errors – all exciting and hugely enjoyable!



Marvellous Measuring!


 Beech class enjoyed a maths game where they had to match up centimetres to their equivalent in millimetres. This is also useful for helping children to multiply and divide by 10.

A follow on game where children had to match up centimetres to metres by multiplying and dividing by 100. All groups managed to match and no group made the mistake of saying 10cm = 1 metre, (it’s 100cm!)

After this children enjoyed an outdoors lesson measuring real things in the playground in metres and cm.

Were you inspired?


Thank you to all the parents, and a lovely Granny, who came to Year 3 Inspire Workshop. 

We had a really useful session learning the methods for column addition and subtraction and also all about using suffixes and prepositions. A head full of knowledge to take away!

Being Geographers in Year 3


Beech class are finding out about the United Kingdom and in particular its countries and cities. To help in this process, we used atlases to further plot cities on maps and also to develop our mapping / compass skills by finding different cities that are north, south, west and east of Birmingham. In this way, where we live and where others live in the UK gains true perspective and real meaning.

Stone Age Jewellery Quarter!


We spent an enjoyable afternoon looking at Stone Age pendants and designing and making our own. A fiddly job but we persevered and can't wait to add the finishing touches. 


Do you know what the pendants would have been made of? 

The Stone Age Jewellery Quarter was open for business again today. The master craftsmen and women of Beech class put the finishing touches to their pendants, adding paint and then completing the difficult job of threading their 'teeth' onto string. We especially liked the fang shaped ones!! Panic not! We didn't use any of our own!
Roll up, roll up! Going for the bargain price of £100 each!


Which one might you buy?

Mrs C would like them all, however £600 is a lot of money!surprise


Anyone in need of an interior decorator?


No more jewellery making! Instead Beech class have now become prehistoric cave painters! Is there no end to their talents?


We went on a virtual tour of the Caves of Lascaux, learned how the caves were discovered and now we are busily planning our own cave paintings. 

Do some research of your own!


Where are the caves of Lascaux?

What images were discovered on the cave walls?

Why might early man have painted on the walls of caves?


Parliament Week and British Values!

What a lot of new knowledge to learn!


Beech class went on a virtual tour of Parliament this week and learned all about the structure of Parliament, who some of the key people are who work there and what their role involves. So much information!

Take the virtual tour  and see the House of Commons and House of Lords for yourself.

Which chamber are Beech class looking at?

The children then worked incredibly hard to write some Parliament Fact Files to help them remember all that they had learned.

'British Values!'

Getting our heads around British values was a little more challenging, however once we understood what our own PERSONAL values were, Beech class then understood that a country can have values too. 'British Values' are what EVERYONE should follow. But what are they?

  • democracy.
  • the rule of law.
  • individual liberty.
  • mutual respect for and tolerance of those with different faiths and beliefs and for those without faith.

Rule of Law!

Next we learned the difference between a rule and a law. Everyone needs to follow the law and if we don't there will be consequences.

Sorting rules and laws!

Beech class learned that laws are made in Parliament. We found it quite funny that a Bill, can be 'ping ponged' backwards and forwards between the House of Commons and the House of Lords several times before it actually becomes a law. Lots of debating and agreement required!


In groups we worked on our own Bill which we think should be debated in Parliament!

In Mrs Creegan's house it is a RULE that there are no mobile phones at the dinner table. She definitely thinks this rule should become LAW! surprise

And one that's been in the news!

Discuss together at home!


What Bill would you present to be debated in Parliament?


Works of Art!


All the planning that we did for our

prehistoric cave paintings was definitely worth it!


Beech class cave paintings based on the Caves at Lascaux are looking fabulous! There were so many impressed staff at OLOL! Very proud teacher. Just love them!

Anti - Bullying Week 2017


Mrs David set some homework!


Design a poster to teach children how to spot the signs of bullying. They had to be as creative and informative as possible. Beech class definitely rose to the challenge! There was even one made of fabric with some skilful machine work. Wow!






All Different, All Equal!


What are the different types of bullying?

A worthwhile conversation at home!


  • cyber bullying
  • physical bullying
  • social bullying
  • verbal bullying


Remember bullying of any kind

is continuous and deliberate. 



' All Different, All Equal! '

Anti-Bullying Alliance 2017




Attendance Winners! 


We are working so hard in Beech Class to have attendance above our school target of 97%. 

A very proud teacher is delighted that Year 3 have won the 'Attendance Cup' for the 4th time.

Their attendance for the week ending November 24th was... 99.5%.

Above last week and above our school target. Yeah!

Way to go Beech class!


Can we make it a 5th time before Christmas?

Christmas and the end of a very busy term!


Beech class have been having lots of fun in the last two weeks of term! There was Christmas card making, raising money for CAFOD, with our Christmas quiz and a visit from a very important person. Lots more to come next week too!


Christmas dinner means Christmas jumper day!

Beech class wish everyone a very happy and holy Christmas!

Love our Stone Age display now our braclets have been added!




Athletics School Games Competition 


It was a cold and windy Tuesday afternoon, but spirits were high as Beech class walked to Billesley Indoor Tennis Centre, to compete in an athletics school games tournament, organised by Bishop Challoner.


We ran relays, jumped obstacles, threw javelins (only soft ones of course) and who knew there were so many jumps to master? Standing long jump, standing triple jump and even a vertical jump! We never gave up, supported each other and showed immense determination, but most importantly, we had great fun! Well done Beech class!

Come Dine with me!


A happy, chatty lunchtime was had with the children, parents and family members of Beech class at our shared lunch. The food was delicious and the service exemplary. Thank you to  our wonderful lunchtime team and to all adults who came.


...and off to the Dingles we went

for some maths and science outdoor learning!


Did the wind, rain and mud stop us? No way! We are made of strong stuff in Year 3, the adults not so much!!!



In science we had been learning how water travels through plants but we were desperate to know just what 100m looked like. That's the height of a Giant Redwood tree you know! Pretty amazing how a tree that tall transports water all the way to the top! 

First some that was interesting!

100m...wonder who had the most accurate estimation?

Half Term Science Projects!

We rocked it!


And boy oh boy were they amazing, awesome, outstanding, informative, creative and just absolutely FANTASTIC! Some children even went to the beach and visited the Lapworth Geology Museum!




When Mrs David came to see our work, everyone could tell her something that they had learned.

Very, very, VERY proud teachers! smiley


Thank you so much to all the adults. They clearly worked hard too. 

March and World Book Day 2018


How many book characters can you recognise? 

We really enjoyed listening

to different teachers read stories to us. 

Multi-faith Afternoon in Beech Class


This afternoon we learned all about the Sikh Gurdwara and enjoyed creating our own using chalks. A messy job ...

...but we were very proud of our finished work!
Can't wait to visit the Guru Nanak Gurdwara after Easter!

Investigation, discovery and so much fun!


Big shout out for Mr Woollard who organised another amazing Science Week for Our Lady of Lourdes children!


We learned about air pressure with Fizz Pop Science, how to test the pH of household liquids and how to make super shrinking slime with the Bishop Challoner team. If that wasn't enough, we then discovered how the human  digestive system works and all about light. 

What was your favourite part? Year 3 said....ALL OF IT! 

Learning about air pressure with rocket launchers and Lenny the vac!!

Science in Action!

And the attendance cup finally returned to Beech class! Yeah!

Another exciting China Bridge Day in Beech class!


Beech class participated enthusiastically with Mr Woollard Lao Shi (In Chinese it's Teacher Woollard…a sign of great respect in Chinese culture!) This time it was saying numbers 1-6 in Mandarin.


Next time, it will be learning numbers 6-10…plus zero!


After this, Y3 researched all about the Chinese Lantern festival and watched some short films about this and the "Lion dance" (has less people than a "Dragon dance!) The children wrote up their findings. Early finishers coloured in a dragon mask to take home to show family and friends. 


Mrs Creegan is very impressed with today's learning!

Board game afternoon!

Turn taking, cooperation, fun and lots of noise!!!surprise

It's your turn now!

And a little Easter treat too! Where did you buy these Miss? I'm buying some!

April and the start of the Summer Term!

Off to visit a Sikh Gurdwara!


We arrived after a long train journey and took off our shoes and covered our hair as a mark of respect. We learned an abundance of information about the Sikh religion and had an absolutely wonderful visit. 



Who knew guided reading and science

could be so much fun?

June and off to Stratford Upon Avon we go!


Beech class enjoyed a fantastic day of history and art at the Shakespeare Birthplace Trust at Stratford Upon Avon. A busy and enjoyable morning was spent discovering Roman and Saxon artefacts. In addition, all children visited the rare archives owned by the Trust. The day was rounded off by a visit to Shakespeare's house of birth, before we caught our train home. A  great time was had by all. 

We were asked to join in with some Shakespearean actors and perform a scene from A Midsummers Night's Dream to tourists, who thought it was very entertaining! Well it certainly was fun!





Chinabridge Day


Year 3 had a super Chinese session learning our numbers up to 10 and making Chinese money wallets.

How much money will they hold?

July and it's Chinabridge Day again!


We revised all the information we already knew about China ( and there was certainly a lot) and then looked at how this huge country is split up into different provinces. We learned that it has 23 different provinces, as well as municipalities and autonomous regions.


Each one of us had a different province to learn facts about—facts about the area of the province, the population size, the capital city and the climate. We added our facts to a class map of China.


We are China provinces experts now!


So much learning and great team work!

Warwick Castle and sunshine all the way!


We had great fun in the sun on our visit to Warwick Castle.

What a great way to end our school year!