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Year 3 2018/2019

September 2018


Mission Accepted!

In our Religious Education lesson we reflected on our school mission,

'Christ is the centre of our school community

where we live, love and learn together.'


We thought of so many ways our class family can live, love and learn together and displayed them on our 'Mission Tree' display.


Are you cooperative, kind, responsible, forgiving, supportive, respectful, compassionate, faithful and patient? These were only a few of our choices.

Our class display!

We have accepted our mission to follow in the 

footsteps of Jesus. 


How can you do this today?

Let us pray...


At the start of our new school year we wrote some asking prayers.  We want God's help with the challenges that lie ahead. All our prayers are in our prayer area and we share them when we pray together in the morning. 

Lord hear us...

What would you like God's help with? 


Dear God,

Help me this year to persevere

to improve my handwriting and get my letter heights right.

Help me to pray more often to your son Jesus.

Lord in your mercy...

hear my prayer


Beginning our work on 

' Belonging - We gather as God's family'


Team work was definitely dream work when we worked in groups to decide on what responsibilities and qualities were necessary in our school family. 

Progress and cooperation...

Some of our ideas...

We have to be mature and share with others...

We must be supportive when our friends get something wrong.

We must persevere and not let our school group down.

Sharing and listening...


Would you be a fisher of men?


In our Religious Education lessons we read the story of the 'Call of the Disciples' and sorted reasons for and against answering Jesus's call. After careful consideration and much debating, the majority of Beech class decided that the answer was YES but it would be difficult to leave your family, friends and home!

What would you do?

Who are Jesus's disciples today?

A Blessing for the New School Year


Beech class were delighted to welcome Deacon Tim to their class to celebrate the start of our new school year. It was a really reverent and special occasion when we  gathered to ask God’s blessing on

  • us, as we live together as his family
  • on our classroom, where we learn together
  • on our prayer area, where we show our love together for Jesus

and all the time remembering that Jesus is at the heart of all that we do.

Let the little childre come to me...

Someone is being compassionate and loving! Box 2 filled!

Working hard to understand the signs and symbols of Baptism!

Learning from each other!

More harvest donations and box 3 filled!

'Compassionate and Loving' Beech boys!


Month of the Holy Souls


During the month of November, Beech class are remembering those people who we love and who have died. We also remember those who have no one to pray for them. We have also reflected on Remembrance Sunday and the many who lost their lives in war. 


Our class prayer area during November...

Beech class remember a loved one in their prayers each day, when we choose a name from our 'Remembrance Tree'.

Eternal rest grant unto them O Lord...

Share this prayer together as a family at home. 

We are praying and learning it together in class. 


Eternal rest grant unto them O Lord,

and let perpetual light shine upon them. 

May they rest in peace.


After our first Mass of the new half term, we prayed together for our deceased family and friends.

We lit a candle and remembered them. 

We remembered...

Meet Year 3 choir members... so many... so proud!

And our faith filled and hopeful Mini-Vinnies!

Prayer bag launch!


A super start to Beech Class prayer bag being shared at home. Wonderful work and beautifully presented. It was a pleasure to see the commitment and effort made.

Reconciliation...what does it mean to you?

We can't wait to see who has the prayer bag each week!


Another great week with Beech classes prayer bag going home. St John Vianney was the chosen subject with a very reflective discussion about his life of humble service as a priest - very well done!

The Great Outdoors!


Enjoying and appreciating God's beautiful world during our Forest School afternoons! 

Read the story of Creation in the Old Testament and remind yourself of how God made our world. 

And on the seventh day God rested...

Compassionate and Loving in action!


After Forest School we heard about a very compassionate and loving young man who helped his friend and encouraged her when she was trying to wade through water. This is exactly how Jesus wants us to live and love like him.

Well done! Definitely following in the footsteps of Jesus!

Red Wednesday 


Christians around the world are being persecuted because of their faith. Today we showed our support by wearing red. Beech class were shocked to hear that Christianity is the most persecuted religion in the world

We support faith and the freedom to practise it...

We prayed for people who have suffered...we are faithfilled and hopeful that there will be change.

Taking care of God's world. We wished everybody would!

We are practising for our school Mass on Friday, the feast day of St Andrew...

The word of the Lord...
Their word goes forth through all the earth...
Lord in your mercy...
We will lead the entrance procession...
Offering the unconsecrated bread and wine...

Class prayer bag...thoroughly enjoying taking it home!


Another really great presentation this week! Lots of detail and information about the Rosary and all of the mysteries.

Hail Mary...

Beautifully illustrated..

Living the Jesuit Virtues in Beech class!


Our excellent role models who won certificates

for being 'Compassionate and Loving.' 


Pupils in Our Lady of Lourdes Catholic School

are growing to be..


Compassionate towards others, near and far,

especially the less fortunate;

and loving by their just actions and forgiving words. 


and the start of Advent!


The First Sunday of Advent and Year 6 received the Sacrament of Confirmation.


Thank you to Beech choir members who gave their time and beautiful voices to help Year 6 celebrate their Confirmation. It was lovely to hear a member of the congregation congratulate the children on their singing. 

Well done one and all!




Let's get ready to support Year 6 Confirmandi. We are sharing our talents!

Advent - a time of preparation!


Our class altar reflects the Holy Season of Advent. Purple is the Liturgical colour for Advent. Look around school and in church. Where is the colour purple being used?

Sharing our Walk with Me calendar is a special part of our Advent prayer reflections

We wrote some very reflective prayers to help us begin our preparations for the birthday of Jesus. We really thought about who needs our prayers and how we can be the best people we can be! Not always easy, but were going to try very hard. Our prayers are displayed in our prayer basket and we share them during class prayer time.

We pray for peace, hope, joy and love

I pray for all the priests in the church because they work hard for us and they show us the value of

following in the footsteps of Jesus.

Father Sean would definitely approve of this prayer!

Our Advent calendar has an act of kindness task inside it. We are trying to be 'Advent Angels' and are working hard at being even kinder than we need to be.

When we have completed our act of kindness, we write it on our angel on the tree. 


How can you put others before yourself this Advent?

Be kinder than you need to be!

Acts of kindness in action! I had to surprise my teacher with a random act of kindness...

Wonder what my task will be?
A home made card with a lovely message inside!

Look what Advent Angel task we had to do!

I made a paper chain with loving messages...
I wrote a thank you letter to Fr Sean...
I helped tidy up after dinner...

The Annunciation


In our Religious Education lesson this week we have been reading the Annunciation and reflected on how Mary felt before, during and after this wonderful event. 

Mary felt faithfilled and hopeful! God would watch over her...

We made some really amazing connections using this Gospel story. 


  • "I know this story is in the Joyful Mysteries of the Rosary. Also we think about it on the third Sunday of Advent which is a joyful time. We light the rose coloured candle and remember how joyful Mary was."


  • "I can make a connection! We say the words from the story when we say Hail Mary full of Grace the Lord is with you!"


  • "Mary trusted God like Daniel trusted that God would not let the lion kill him."


  • "Mary obeyed God like Abraham did when he took his Son Issac to be sacrificed."


Mrs Creegan loves a good connection and was so impressed!

Prayer bag 


A most amazing prayer bag presentation. This week was all about Jesus with the thieves on the cross. A great discussion on admitting our sins, belief in everlasting life and the way we need to live our lives here on earth. Super RE discussion work from Y3.

Do we always say sorry and mean it?

Year 3 Mini Vinnies think about how they can help others in need and pray together...

Delivering my thank you letter to Father Sean after our Advent school Mass...

Christmas Cards and more connections!


In our Christmas carol service, Beech class are singing the Gloria and our reading reminds us of the angels appearing to the shepherds and bringing the good news that Jesus has been born. We decided to make a connection to this wonderful event when we made our Christmas cards. 

Gloria in Excelsis Deo!

Glory to God and peace on earth...

We used Beech class bidding prayer from our carol service for the inside of our card!

Told you, we love making connections! LOL


I pray that your guardian angel will watch over you

and take care of you.


Advent Angels gave up their lunch time to add the stars to our Christmas cards!

And our work is done!

Compassionate and loving during Advent


Y3 Beech class completed their sponsored 'Spellathon'. Lots of prize winning high  and best improver scores, so clearly some hard work and great support from home. Lots of money raised for bee hives in distant places.

Well done Y3!

Fundraising accomplished! Compassionate and loving in action!

Making angels for our Christmas Carol Service! 


Painting, sticking and a bit of glitz for good measure! 

I'm sure the angels would approve of a bit of sparkle!surprise

Let the skies fill with angels' singing...

We can proclaim our Saviour's birth...

Relationship Education in RE 


Beech class started this afternoon sharing how we valued each other as friends in Y3. There’s a lot of difference to being lonely compared to taking time out or choosing some time alone.


A great class discussion about our duty to God and each other.

How can you be extra kind to your friends during Advent?


and using our class prayer bag at home!


A super presentation today from our home prayer bag. It was a prayer about Advent and asking God to help us to become closer to him...very thought provoking.

Let Jesus's love and light shine this Advent....

Carol service rehearsals continue...


As always, we remember that Jesus is at the heart of our Christmas preparations in school. We have been practising hard for our carol service on Friday

Sharing the Christmas story in words, song and action!

Let the bells ring for everyone to hear...
Christmas is such a special time of year...
Join with us and let's rejoice...

Reading with maturity and expression...

The angels left and returned to heaven...
May we share our love...

Acts of kindness in action! An Advent Angel had to make a card for the school crossing lady.

More Advent Angels and their acts of kindness!

I wrote loving messages for my friends and teacher
I made Mrs Hillen a thank you Christmas card

Learning all about the Parable of the Sheep and the Goats. Ask us about it! Challenging but we really persevered!

Bringing thanks and happiness to others...

Thanking my neighbours for their Christmas lights
I rang Grandma and sang Silent Night

Advent in Beech class finishes with our class prayer service.

Our Savior showed us how to live
With charity, faith and service.
It makes the holidays a joy,
More peaceful, and less nervous.


So let's remember Christmas is
About our Saviour's birth;
That's the way to happiness,
The way to peace on earth.

Beech class wish all their family and friends a very

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

January 2019...


...and we are in the season of Christmas until the Baptism of Our Lord. 

Our class prayer area reflects the Christmas season and the liturgical colours are white and gold.

With my magic eye...


In our Religious Education lessons this week, we have been reflecting on the shepherds' story and how the good news of the birth of Jesus was shared with them. We wrote some poems with a repeating line in our groups, imaging what we could see if we had a magic eye and were able to look down on this wondrous event. 

Captivating, exquisite angels!!!! Love it!

With my magic eye I saw a radiant angel appear directly in front of the shepherds, who froze in fear!

With my magic eye I saw joyful, ecstatic angels excitedly spread the good news that the promised Saviour had been born at last!

Our finished work...

Sharing our class prayer bag


Today we learnt even more about the Rosary. It’s really so inspiring to see our Y3 children learning and praying at home, as well as displaying great reverence in their faith.

How to pray the Rosary...

Sacramental Preparation begins...


No where better to start than with the Seven Sacraments; all stationed around our beautiful church for children and parents to explore and discuss.

Father Sean began our meeting...lots of focus!

Exploring the Sacraments and answering questions...

The Sacrament of Baptism
The Sacrament of Reconciliation
The Sacrament of the Eucharist
Sacrament of Confirmation
Sacrament of the Sick
Sacrament of Marriage
Sacrament of Holy Orders

And some more pictures of hard working children and adults...

Deacon Tim finished our evening with Benediction. The Eucharistic host was displayed in a monstrance on the altar and candles radiated on either side. Exposition of the Blessed Sacrament and a blessing on us all, was a powerful way to end our first meeting.

Our first Sacramental preparation Mass


Children and family gathered to celebrate Mass together on the feast of the Baptism of Our Lord. It was lovely to welcome children from other schools who will be preparing for the Sacraments with Year 3.



Waiting for Mass to begin...

Father Sean reminded us of the importance of Baptism and thanked home, school and parish for supporting the children on their faith journey. Amazing singing today from Beech!

We received our Mass cards and are very committed to our Sacramental preparation! Very excited children!

Living the Jesuit Virtues in Beech class!


Our excellent role models who won certificates

for being 'faith filled and hopeful.'


Pupils in Our Lady of Lourdes Catholic School

are growing to be..

Faith-filled in their beliefs and hopeful for the future.

This half term we are learning to be 'Eloquent and Truthful.' This is what Beech class think!

Our prayer bag journey in Y3 continues and...


a thoughtful reflection about when Jesus was baptised by John the Baptist, signalling the start of his ministry with us on Earth. Further information was also shared about a cross made in the Holy Land.

Praying together as a family is so lovely to see....

Reflections on Reconciliation

It’s very inspiring to hear children sharing the word of God and discussing what it means.

Preparing for our Sacrament of Reconciliation


Beech class have begun their work on Reconciliation and have been learning about a little man with a big problem!

Yes Zaccheaus! His problem? He was a sinner!

In our groups we thought about how Zacchaeus might have felt before, during and after his meeting with Jesus.


1. He felt lonely and fed up of his situation...he felt money did not bring happiness! Maybe it was time to repent and change!


2. He felt grateful to Jesus for helping him understand how his actions affected the people of Jericho and for giving him a second chance. He felt ashamed confessing his sins!


3. Zacchaeus was reconciled with God and the people of Jericho. He might have thought I must tell other people that they can receive forgiveness if they repent and really mean sorry.


Only some of our reflections...super work!


We wondered... did Zacchaeus ever meet Jesus again? Did he continue to be a tax collector but an honest one? Did he confess his sins to the Roman Government?

A reflective prayer for sick people and all those who care for them. A spontaneous round of applause for this beautiful prayer too!

All you need is love!


It’s 14th February so we had a perfectly timed prayer bag presentation on loving each other and from Pope Francis, the love that God and his son Jesus has for us all. 

Did you know St Valentine is the patron Saint of

love, young people and marriage? 

Help us to be more loving by showing forgiveness and care...

Reconciliation 2019


Beech class have been working hard preparing for their celebration of the Sacrament of Reconciliation. They can't wait to receive the love and forgiveness of God.

I choose to forgive because it is the right choice to make...

Out with the wrong and in with the right.
Embrace the love which comes with being forgiven.
We use our hands to show love and respect.

Reconciliation Meeting 


Children and adults joined together to prepare for the Sacrament of Reconciliation. It was lovely to welcome children from other schools, who will be joining us to receive the gift of forgiveness. 

Father Sean led the meeting with adults...he reminded them how how important it is to say sorry and to show forgiveness. A little hug of reconciliation helps too!

The children prepared in church...

We all came together for final prayers...

I spy some tired children...

Sisters pray together at home...


A beautiful presentation in class this morning about the life of St John Vianney, using our home prayer bag. It was very thought provoking, with some lovely quality pictures of prayer at home.



Celebrating the Feast of St David


Dressed in our yellow and ready to celebrate Mass together as a school and parish family. Lots of daffodils to lay on the sanctuary when we celebrate our school Mass, led by Year 2.

Sacramental Preparation Mass  


Beech class joined our parish family for Sunday Mass as part of their Sacramental preparation. Reconciliation next week and soon we will have received our second Sacrament. A little nervous now but excited too!


Today we remember and pray for those who cannot find paid employment.


Mass will soon begin...hymn books at the ready!

Offfering the gifts of bead and wine...
A surprise rendition of Sometimes Lord...

And Mass concluded with another of our Reconciliation hymns, 'Freely, Freely'

Lent 2019

A time to change and put others before ourselves!


We put our Lenten promises on our 'Lenten Promise Tree.'  We are extremely motivated to keep these promises because we are supporting the CAFOD 'GIVE IT UP' fundraising campaign during Lent.


With the parish, we are working to raise enough money to purchase a £4,000.00 Health Clinic, CAFOD world gift. World Gifts are life changing virtual gifts which help transform the lives of poor communities and families in developing countries.


This charity gift can pay for the running costs of a

life-saving clinic in a remote community. It keeps the clinic stocked with medicines, medical equipment and even provides petrol for the clinic ambulance, giving vulnerable people vital access to much needed healthcare.

Lenten Retreat


Dan Callow and Emily Clark joined us for our annual whole school Lent Retreat. It was a beautiful day where the children and staff had the opportunity to explore the theme of how we can have “A heart that sees.”

What can you see with your heart?

Have you got your heart glasses on?

How do I bring peace to others? Do I bring joy? How do I give hope? How do I show love and serve people?

Some really reflective ideas to DO REALLY GOOD THINGS for others during Lent.

When someone is sick comfort them. Talk to and help an elderly person. Never give up being kind.

A Lenten Prayer Bag focus this week!

Not even World Book Day will stop Beech class sharing their prayer bag! On no! A private prayer focus this week with additional reflections on Ash Wednesday.

The Sacrament of Reconciliation 2019


Our special day finally arrived! 


Congratulations to Beech Class. So proud of you all and your immense commitment to your preparation for today. 

Sometimes Lord I make mistakes and say some things I shouldn’t say...

and there are times I get things wrong and do some things I shouldn’t have.

For these times Lord I ask for mercy and forgiveness of my wrong...

My dear Father of compassion, take me in your loving arms.

What a happy day. Let us shout and sing. Jesus has forgiven us, Jesus is our King!

And Granny celebrated with us too!

Thank you Father Sean!

Thank you God for giving us your love and forgiveness. Help us to make the right choices in the future.



What a lovely surprise we had when we received a Happy Our Lady of Lourdes feast day card from our friends at Ss Peter and Paul RC Primary school in Newcastle.

Continuing our reflections during the Holy Season of Lent. Working on our ideas for an acrostic poem in Beech class. How can you CHANGE to be more like Jesus during Lent?



Can you make a change in your life during Lent? 

Some of our beliefs...


Comfort those who feel sad or lonely, listen to their troubles and give them a warm, comforting hug.

Happiness is a feeling everyone should have, make sure others are happy, not lonely and ask them to join in with games.

Always go to confession for your sins to be forgiven and then we can reconcile in love with God.

Nobody should be treated differently, treat everyone equally no matter their religion, skin colour or country.

Generously raise money for CAFOD by doing the ‘Give it Up’ challenge.

Even when people are irritating us, we must show tolerance and patience by not getting frustrated.

The Chaplaincy Team lead us in the second Sorrowful Mystery of the Rosary during morning prayer.

An excellent prayer bag reflection about reconciliation, which was beautifully presented.

Practising for our school Mass. We will help our school and parish family reflect on the Annunciation.

Beech class welcome you to Mass...
A reading from the Book of Isaiah...
Glory and praise to you, Lord Jesus Christ...
We pray for the leaders of the Church...
We bring gifts of bread and wine...

Our class prayer area reflects the Holy season of Lent and forty days of loving Jesus...

One of the prayers written on our fish, which are displayed for us to share during class prayer time. Dear Lord, help us to persevere even when a Lenten promise is difficult. May we not give in to temptation and remember Jesus didn’t in the desert. Lord hear us...

Another thoughtful prayer bag

shared in class this morning...


A humble prayer, thanking God for health and family and it was lovely to see the respect and tolerance of a Christian prayer focus next to a Hindu home altar. Once again our children lead the way for us to follow. 



Let us pray...



Beech class led a lovely school and parish Mass this morning. They read, sang, prayed and led processions with great reverence and sincerity. Very proud of all!

Waiting to lead the Entrance Procession. Someone thought it was a great honour to carry the Book of the Gospels!

We all look forward to the prayer bag day!


A thoughtful Year 3 prayer bag presentation this morning. A lovely prayer for our class, their First Holy Communion and the health of all who are suffering in our world.

Lovely work and a confidently delivered prayer service, well done!

May God watch over all the children in my class as we prepare for our First Holy Communion...



...and the start of our Holy Week work!

Can you order the events of Holy Week? These clever children can! 10/10 and all independently...Bravo!

Our prayer bag reflection this morning was about Lent. It’s not easy, you have to work hard at keeping your promises but it’s worth it in the end. God also helps us!

A little Mini Vinney helped in our school Reconciliation Prayer Service. Our sins are like stones which weigh us down....

Beech class reflect on the events of Palm Sunday

We made palms for our procession!

We held our own Palm Sunday parade and thought about why Jesus was so popular! We could not understand why the crowd expected him to be a mighty warrior and earthly King when he was so loving, compassionate and forgiving. He was a Heavenly King!

What we believed the crowd thought about this event!

Interpreting and understanding Leonardo de Vinci's

'The Last Supper'


The painting reflects the instant that Jesus said to the disciples, “In truth I tell you, one of you will betray me”


We became detectives to interpret the painting and discovered so many things. Accurate links made to later events in Holy Week too! Awesome progress today!



Google 'The Last Supper' images. Can you find the symbols of the Trinity in the painting? Not sure? Ask a painting detective!

"Peter has a knife to remind us that he cut off the Roman soldier's ear in the garden."

"John looks like he is fainting because he cannot believe that someone was going to betray the man who chose him as an Apostle!"

"Andrew looks like his hand is saying stop because he does not want to hear Jesus's words. They are too upsetting."

"Bartholomew has stood up so suddenly in shock, that his legs are still crossed."

The Crucifixion of Jesus


We read and watched the terrible events of the Crucifixion and wrote our own independent thoughts and reflections. Beech class had so many observations!


  • How could Peter defend Jesus in the garden then later deny he even knew him? Doesn't make sense! Not impressed by that behaviour. Fear can make you make some difficult choices we decided. 
  • I felt heartbroken when the guards took Jesus to his cross and when his special friends didn't help him in the garden, when he needed them.
  • I felt so upset when Jesus saw his mother. How hard for them both. Mary must have been so upset to see her beloved Son so bruised and bloody. 
  • I find it interesting that the robber asked for forgiveness even when he was on the cross. It is never too late to say sorry! Now he is forgiven he will be in Paradise!

In our Prayer Service we thanked Jesus for giving his life for the forgiveness of all our sins and for obeying God and completing his plan.

We offered all our reflections back to Jesus...and remembered Mary who had to watch her Son suffer.

Thank you Jesus for loving us so much that you died for us...we remember you always in the celebration of the Eucharist.

Some more super learning in Religious Education today!


Today we made links between the celebration of the Last Supper and the celebration of Mass. We know Jesus commanded his disciples to celebrate this meal in memory of him. 


We will learn more about this when we prepare for First Holy Communion, but already we know that in the celebration of the Eucharist we meet the Risen Jesus today. 

Year 5 led us in a beautiful Mass today on the events of Holy Week and at the end certificates were presented to our Spring Term Jesuit Virtues winners. 

Living the Jesuit Virtues in Beech class!


Our excellent role models who won certificates

for being 'Eloquent and Truthful' in Spring Term 1.


Pupils in Our Lady of Lourdes Catholic School

are growing to be...

'Eloquent  and truthful  in what they say of themselves,

the relations between people, and the world.'

Living the Jesuit Virtues in Beech class!


Our excellent role models who won certificates

for being 'Learned and Wise' in Spring Term 2


Pupils in Our Lady of Lourdes Catholic School

are growing to be..


Learned in finding God in all things; and wise in the ways they use their learning for the common good.

Prayer Bag time ...


What better way to finish our Spring term than with a Y3 prayer bag reflection. We heard a little more about the Mysteries of the Rosary and shared some prayer time together. 

Beech Class wish everyone a Happy and Holy Easter and we will see you back here soon for all our Summer Term Catholic Life news! 



...and the Summer term begins with our Prayer bag reflections and research about the Stations of the Cross. Super impressive prayer time at home. 

Can you name the Stations of the Cross in order?

Year 3 Retreat Day with Dan Callow


Dan Callow, a Catholic musician and song writer from One Life Music, visited Beech class to help them prepare for their First Holy Communion. It was lovely to welcome six children from other schools to our special day. Everyone really embraced the day and thoroughly enjoyed the songs, games, reflections and prayer time. The day definitely helped them with their First Holy Communion preparation.

How will God speak to you in your heart today?

We played some games so Dan could get to know us better! Great fun and lots of laughs!

Amazingly it snowed today! On our snowballs we wrote all the wonderful qualities our friends have!

We enjoyed reading what others had written about us even someone with a puzzled face! LOL

We sang our way through the day and definitely all loved 'We're all going fishing for the Lord!'

Get ready, get ready...
we're all on a mission...
Get ready, get ready we're all going fishing...

Get ready, get ready we're all going fishing for the Lord!

Reflecting on what we will bring to Jesus' table...

Kindness, love, care....
Lots of laughs and a smile...
A strong faith, generosity and eloquence...

The Last Supper and the Consecration. One in the same...The Last Supper was the first Eucharist!

Celebrating the Last Supper. Do this in memory of me.

This is my body which will be given up for you...
Take this all of you and drink from it...

What do you want to thank God for? We wrote prayers for our prayer service.

Parents and Gran joined us at the end of the day for our Prayer Service. It was the perfect end to a wonderful day. Thank you Dan!

Easter 2019


Our class altar reflects the Holy Season of Easter. White and gold are the Liturgical colours for Easter. Look around school and in church. Where are the colours white and gold being used?

Can you see any symbols of Easter?

Our prayer area has some beautiful prayers we wrote on our retreat day with Dan. Today we shared some of them after we prayed the Rosary this morning, with the Year 6 Chaplaincy Team.

Another wonderful prayer bag presentation about the liturgical colours and what they mean and sharing prayers for First Holy Communion. As always, so much effort from Beech class children.

Is that mum's First Holy Communion certificate I see in a picture?

First Holy Communion 


On Thursday, Father Sean led our final First Holy Communion Sacramental meeting. He celebrated Mass with us and guided us through the structure of each part.

A great turn out tonight

Preparing the altar and even I got a the candles. Lovely to have Year 5 to altar serve!

It was a privilege to be on the sanctuary to witness the bread and wine becoming the Body and Blood of Jesus. Thank you Father Sean!

Celebrating our final First Holy Communion preparation Mass with our parish family.

We're waiting for Mass to begin.

Our prayer cards were presented during the offertory procession. We ask people to take one and pray for us as we prepare for our special day.

We sang together on the sanctuary and praised God with our singing.

An important part of discipleship...helping tidy our church after Mass. Jesus came to serve, we should live like Him and serve others too.

Our prayer bag time today reflected on the two robbers who were crucified on the cross next to Jesus. Jesus said he would see the man who was sorry in heaven that day. Well done for another superb prayer bag focus.

Mini Vinnies at St Chad's Cathedral!


Can you spot the Year 3 Mini Vinnies at the Father Hudson’s Good Shepherd Mass, celebrated by Bishop David McGough?



Arriving at St Chad's and ready to represent our school!

Children from 42 schools across the city took part in two celebratory Good Shepherd Masses The whole day was filled with colour, worship and song as schools from across the city and beyond filled St Chad’s.

Happy and excited to be a part of this special celebration!

OLOL presented £150 to support the work of Father Hudson's Care. This charity works across Birmingham and the West Midlands, transforming the lives of people at their time of need. Together with community partners, they support homeless people, refugees and asylum seekers, isolated older people, vulnerable children and young people, disabled people and others who are isolated or disadvantaged.

Bishop David said, "I can say today that the children are caring for them. Father Hudson’s cares for all these people around the Archdiocese of Birmingham, and the children through their school collections raise the funds that enable Father Hudson’s to care.”


Thank you Deacon Tim and Miss Browning for taking us! 

The sun shone as the whole school celebrated Our Lady's special month with Mass and a Marian procession.

Oh Mary we crown thee with blossoms today. What a wonderful array of flowers to honour Our Lady!

Back in class, we made posters about 'The extraordinary power of Mary, Our Lady.' How many titles and stories do you know about Mary?

This week's prayer bag also reflected the month of Mary and was another special time we shared together reflecting and praying as a class!


Vocations Day 2019


A most interesting conversation and explosion of vocation flowers for our ‘Garden of Dreams.’ Y3 shared what careers they’d like to follow in the future and also read about Jesus calling the Disciples from being fishermen, to their personal vocations to be ‘Fishers of Men’ and work for Jesus.


Who is God calling you to be?

Mrs Styles discussed her vocation as an A&E children’s nurse. She has so many special qualities she uses in her care for others.

Father Sean joined group 1 for their final First Holy Communion practice. Not long to go now! A little nervous but so excited! We are ready!

Prayers and reflections about giving thanks for the important things that J values in his life. Well done, another special time shared together.

First Holy Communion 2019

Group 1 


The rain stayed away and the handsome boys and beautiful girls in group 1 were ready to receive the wonderful Sacrament of the Eucharist. A special celebration and very special children, our school family were very proud of them all. 





Here in this time, here in this place, here we are standing face to face. Here in our hearts, here in our lives, our God is here.

Penitential Rite and Liturgy of the Word...

Lord have mercy, Christ have mercy...
The Word of the Lord...

Lord in your mercy, hear our prayer...

Liturgy of the Eucharist. We come to your feast, we come to your feast: the young and the old, the frightened, the bold, the greatest and the least.

Receiving the Risen Jesus and the moment we have been waiting for!

Fill us with Your love, fill us with Your power. Let Your kingdom come right now, we are waiting, we love YOU!

Our wonderful choir came to support us! Thank you!

Thank you for our certificate and 'Last Supper' cross! Special keepsakes of a wonderful celebration!

Thank you Father Sean and Deacon Tim, you both helped make our First Holy Communion, a day we will always remember!

And now we are off for some more celebrations with family and friends!

One last photograph just because it's so lovely!

Really looking forward to next week and Group 2's First Holy Communion day! We must get praying to the Sacred Heart for some more good weather!smiley



Pentecost is the birthday of the church – the beginning of Christianity. And here we are - in 2019 - still feeling God's love, just as the Apostles did on the very first Pentecost.

We remembered the events of Pentecost. It was fun making our Holy Spirit doves and the prayers we wrote were thoughful and reflective. Ask us about the different types of prayers there are!

Suddenly there came from heaven a sound as of a violent wind which filled the entire house in which they were sitting...

...and there appeared to them tongues as of fire.

They were all filled with the Holy Spirit and began to speak different languages as the Spirit gave them power to express themselves.

Our class prayer area reflects that we are now in Ordinary time once more and our new Religious Education focus for lessons is 'Prayer'. Our prayers to the Holy Spirit are on our 'Prayer Tree.' We also remember June is the month of The Sacred Heart.

Our final practice is over and group 2 are ready for their First Holy Communion on Sunday! Can't wait!

Father Sean uses unconsecrated hosts.

Prayer Bag


Just when you think our prayer bag reflections can’t get any better, L comes along! A most beautiful examination of what Holy Communion is and why it is so special. Not only that, but reflections on Our Lady’s mysteries as well - intentional and prophetic!

What does it mean to be Intentional and Prophetic? Beech class had lots of answers!

First Holy Communion 2019

Group 2


More special children received the Sacrament of the Eucharist today. The weather was gloomy but not our Beech children. Big smiles and calm and contained excitement were the order of the day! What a relaxed group they were! We were so proud of them and the way they confidently read, sang and prayed together. Clearly they enjoyed their special celebration. And didn't they look fabulicious?



Here we become what we receive, here in this Eucharistic feast. We are his body, living as one; our God is here...

And we cry, "Holy! Holy! Holy are you!" We cry: "Holy! Holy! Holy and true!" Amen, we do believe our God is here.

We are ready and excitedly waiting for our special Mass to begin.

The word of the Lord...

Lord in your mercy... Hear our Prayer.

The Body of Christ...Amen...I believe that I am receiving the Risen Lord!

Jesus come and meet me here, I want to know Your love again. Jesus come as I draw near, to be with You once more.

Thank you for our certificate and 'Last Supper' cross! Special keepsakes of a wonderful celebration!

Thank you Father Sean and Deacon Tim, you both helped make our First Holy Communion, a day we will always remember!

Our day isn't over yet! Now for some more celebrating with family and friends!

I wonder if Teddy enjoyed our First Holy Communion celebration! We do hope so!

Sharing some of the beautiful presents we received that we will use and treasure!

Don't you dare eat Mrs Creegan's First Holy Communion cake! LOL!

Parish Day of Prayer for Vocations 

School and Parish joining together as one family.


We began our day with Mass led by Y4 and after, we remained for 'Exposition of the Blessed Sacrament'. We prayed a decade of the Rosary for vocations so that more would respond to God's call to serve him and others. It was a very solemn, peaceful prayer time. We also prayed for those who need God’s help and comfort in our families, in our country and in all parts of the world. 



Lord hear our prayer...

Later we returned to church for our whole school Benediction service.


Really looking forward to celebrating Corpus Christi this Sunday and it's our First Holy Communion Thanksgiving Mass too. What a special day! 

Meanwhile, back in class....


Fantastic research and understanding about Benediction and the Feast of Corpus Christi...just look at our beautiful monstrances! 


Did you know the monstrance is the sacred vessel which contains the consecrated Host when it is exposed during Benediction or carried in procession?


Corpus Christi - The Body of Christ

First Holy Communion Thanksgiving Mass

The Feast of Corpus Christi


Great excitement filled the air once more as we gathered, this time as a whole class, to thank Jesus for coming to us in the Sacrament of the Eucharist. Dressed in our finery, we processed, prayed, sang and read once more.

Together to celebrate and give thanks...

Looking good and feeling thankful!

It's good to talk and we are very good at that! LOL!

Wouldn't you just love to know what this conversation is about!

Confident reading once more...

Jesus come as I draw near, to be with You once more...

Oh no! Has the groom not shown up! LOL!

Thank you to our families for supporting us! We love you!

We have been so proud of the way the children in Year 3 have prepared for their First Holy Communion. They have shown immense commitment and sincerity and were supported throughout by their families. It was a privilege to be a part of their faith journey.

St Peter and St Paul


On June 29 the Church will celebrate the feast day of

Sts. Peter & Paul.


Beech class took a virtual tour of St Peter's Basilica in Rome.....WOW! We were amazed at it's size and thought it was just STUNNING! We learned about some of the interesting features and art work that can be viewed. We were amazed when we heard that it is believed the relics of St. Peter might be buried underneath the spot where the Papal altar is. Definitely somewhere we would like to visit in the future! 

Let's stop and reflect on our learning so far. Are we making progress?

Mrs C was very impressed with our work!

Ask us what we know about...

  • The Pietà
  • The Papal or High Altar
  • The Holy Doors
  • St. Peter's Dome
  • St John Paul's tomb
  • The Dove of the Holy Spirit window.

We were super interested in Laszio Toth's attack on The Pietà in 1972 and had so many I wonder questions.

We're on our way to the Columban Father's for our First Holy Communion Thanksgiving Retreat day!

The journey of our day...morning prayer time!

Making our thank you cards for all who helped us...

Getting to know each other even better on our Emmaeus walk! Sadly it had to be inside this year! So much rain!

If you had one wish what would it be? Someone have my First Holy Communion day all over again! How lovely!

Father George, from the Columban Fathers celebrated mass and asked us so many questions. We had all the answers though!

We thought the chapel window was just beautiful! It reminded us of the Dove of the Holy Spirit window in St. Peter's Basilica in Rome.

And after Mass...oh how we wished the rain would stop. It looks so lovely out there!

Our little bags of faith...our favourite activity!

Finally, the rain stopped and we managed a quick walk in the beautiful grounds!

Look what we found in the chapel... a picture of Michelangelo’s famous carving of the Pietà or Pity, which we had already learned is in St Peter's Basilica! We weren't expecting that!

June is the ‘Month of the Sacred Heart’. We remember the heart of Jesus burns with love for us and we should love Jesus in the same way. Visit our church and look at the mosaic of Jesus exposing his Sacred Heart to St Margaret Mary.

Working hard on our prayers and understanding the meaning of the Sacred Heart.

Did you know?

St. Margaret Mary reported that Jesus appeared to her and made twelve promises to all those who honoured an image of His Sacred Heart.

Some of these promises were that

  1. I will bring peace to their families.
  2. I will comfort them when they are troubled or worried. 
  3. Sinners will find in My Heart never-ending forgiveness.
  4. Anyone who spreads the news of my love and honours my sacred heart, will have their names written forever in my heart.


How do you follow the example of Jesus and serve others? We remember we are part of our school family and are working hard to raise money at our school Summer Fayre! Today we are putting the raffle tickets on our jars for the Jam Jar Jamboree! It's important to make a difference. As St Teresa said, "Do small things with great love."

And now a bit of ticket folding and our mission is complete! Very proud of Year 3's committment to a very worthy cause.

How many of our own prayer intentions did we have to share today? This many! Our prayer basket was over flowing!

Living the Jesuit Virtues in Beech class!


Our excellent role models who won certificates

for being 'Curious and Active' in Summer Term 1.


Pupils in Our Lady of Lourdes Catholic School

are growing to be..


'Curious about everything; and active in their engagement with the world,

changing what they can for the better'.



Living the Jesuit Virtues in Beech class!


Our excellent role models who won certificates

for being 'Intentional and Prophetic' in Summer Term 2.


Pupils in Our Lady of Lourdes Catholic School

are growing to be..


 'Intentional in the way they live and use the resources of the earth, guided by conscience;

and prophetic in the example they set to others'.



Our FHC thank you cards have been ready for ages and today we finally managed to make some deliveries. Lots of special people helped us in many ways. An appropriate day, as it turned out, because our Assembly was all about being thankful!

Look who turned up at just the right moment! Someone was delighted to give Father Sean his cards!

Our final end of year Assembly and certificates were presented to....


And now our Year 3 Catholic Life journey is over. We have contributed so much to our school this year. What was our highlight? First Holy Communion of course! We move to Year 4 with our faith increased and our friendship with Jesus even stronger.


Let's hope many of our wonderful Beech children go on to witness their faith and become altar servers. Remember my never-ending….you can't just talk the talk, you've got to walk the walk! 

Jesus suffered more, will also live on too I'm sure! LOL!