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Year 3

September 2018

Welcome to Beech Class Page!

Watch how we change and grow this year!

Meet our elected Councillors!

Pupil voice representing Beech class!

Celebrating Roald Dahl Day 2018


Beech class were visited by Charlie, Matilda, Violet, James and of course his giant peach. The Twits popped in and even pilot Roald Dahl with his own plane! Wow!



Who can you recognise?

We had great fun learning about the characters from the books and indeed about the great man himself! This made our Roald Dahl comprehension that little bit easier.


After a real frenzy of planning, Beech class wrote some Roald Dahl creative type stories. They were all about our worst, most disastrous holidays ever! And my oh my, they were bad! We never knew that 'Horror Land' could be so awful or even that the Magic Evil Kingdom existed! 


What a great day we had!

We can't wait for next year!

We are cave painters!


The chalk pastels went everywhere,surprise but what fun we had learning about the techniques used by Stone Age people in the Paleolithic (that's the early Stone Age you know!) period. 




Adding the finishing touches!

We blended and smudged, scrunched and crumpled and created some Stone Age hands of our own and were so proud of our sketch book work. 

Our finished work!

Groovy Gymnastics!


We created and performed a sequence of contrasting actions, using jumps and balances. We even showed contrasting shapes. Beech class, well done great progress and team work really does make dream work!

Loving the moves!

Maths is fun!


Learning  how to add and take away 1s and 10s from 2 and 3 digit numbers! 



And the winner is...

"Miss, maths really is fun today!"

"Playing this game has helped me

to understand even more!"


Are we ready for even more 100s work? We think so!

Art Day 

...the beginning of our Stonehenge creations!


Mixing different shades of the same colour!

Tricky work...lots of concentration needed!

After lots of practice we are ready to begin our final background for our Stonehenge silhouette paintings. Lots to still do but keep checking in to see our progress! 

Can't wait for the next lesson to apply my skills!

Yeah! - Week 3 Winners!

The 'Attendance Cup' arrives in Beech class!


Lots of celebration and dancing to Kool and the Gang when we won the cup this week.


Big congratulations Beech class - 99.6%. Wonder how many times we can celebrate being cup winners this year? Lots and lots and LOTS we hope!

Celebrate good times!

Attendance cup update!

Beech class won the cup again this week!

Yeah for us! 99.6%! Win number 2!

Golden certificate winners!

Our first Mandarin lesson!


This week, Year 3 had their first Mandarin lesson with our Mandarin teacher, Miss Ying! We learned how to say and write hello and goodbye and even though we found it a little tricky, we definitely made progress. We are looking forward to our next lesson!

Lots of concentration in Beech Class today!

Science, PHSEE and healthy eating!


We have learned so much about eating a balance diet and food groups! Ask us about what we have learned!

Remember eat a balanced diet and excercise!



Learning all about physical and human features in the United Kingdom today! 


We definitely had no problem sorting our pictures into the correct group. Great progress, great team work!

Physical or human?

Lesson 2 with Miss Ying


Learning how to write the characters for China and name.

What is your name?

  • Nǐ jiào shén me

My name is…(I am called)

  • Wǒ jiào…

How are you? (Are you good?)

  • Nǐ hǎo ma?

I am very good?

  • Wǒ hěn hǎo

Are you teaching the adults at home Beech class?

I wonder who these hands belong to?

Marvellous, Measuring, Mathematicians!


We have been helping each other to learn how to measure and convert centimetres and metres in maths today. It was great fun playing a 'maths ladders' game!

Lots of team work!

China Day in Beech Class


Today we enjoyed hearing the Chinese love story, which was the behind the designs on Chinese willow pattern plates. The fable retells the story of an eloping couple, who transformed into doves. 


We designed and made our own plates with lots of lovely blues. 

Love a good love story!

Some of our finished plates!

Attendance cup update! 


Beech class won the cup again this week!

Yeah for us! 99.3%! Win number 3, all in a row!

Still above our school target of 97%

Beech class you rock!

Lots of golden certificate winners this week!|

Were you inspired?


Thank you to all the adults who came to Year 3 Inspire Workshop. 

We had a really useful session learning the methods for column addition and subtraction and also all about using suffixes and prepositions. A head full of knowledge to take away!

Lots of brain power and hard work!

Inspire Information for adults!

Our math's learning wall helped us in our Inspire Workshop!

And our next Mandarin lesson!


Phew! It was hard today! Learning to say numbers from 1 to 10 and write numbers from 1 to 5. 


Sing along to the number song!

You'll recognise the tune!


We welcomed Mrs Smith from St Jude’s Catholic Primary School to our lesson. She is thinking about Mandarin lessons for the pupils in her school and was very impressed with our enthusiasm and effort.


We sang numbers from 1 to 10 too!

It may have been hard but we still wanted to show what we had learned!

Outdoor maths! 


The best way to learn about cm and m is to measure them for real! A fun outdoor maths lesson on a lovely Autumn morning!

Practice makes progress!

Attendance Cup!


What an achievement! 

Beech class have won the Attendance Cup for the 4th week in a row! This week we have even got 100%!


Can we make it 5 in a row? Watch this space!

Golden Certificate Winners!

Happy birthday to someone very special!


Delicious food, singing, cards and lots of laughter for our very own Father Sean, who celebrated a very special birthday with his school family. What a wonderful celebration it was!

Welcome to our guest of honour!

The big 70th celebration!

Cheers Father Sean! Good health and God bless YOU!

The building of Stonehenge is finally complete! 


Famous and impressive, mysterious and unique, Stonehenge is located in Wiltshire, in the south of England but why it was built remains a mystery!


This prehistoric monument is visited by tourists from across the world and we hear that someone is going to visit in the half term holidays! Can't wait to see the pictures! 



Designing Stonehenge 21st century style!

No deer antlers used here to dig the ditch!

Phase 3 begins!

No 9 metre stones here...

No 4 tonne stones... but just as impressive as the real thing!

This week more numbers practice in Mandarin!

Winners of the Mandarin number challenge! It was fast and furious!

Practising writing numbers from 6 to 10!

It is wonderful to see how enthusiastic Beech class are about Mandarin lessons and China. 

Look what we have to share!

Attendance Cup!

Yes, more outstanding news!


We said watch this space to see if we could make it five wins in a row! And by golly gosh WE DID! And another 100% win too! So, so proud of our brilliant, Beech class! You continue to rock it! 

An abundance of golden certificate winners too!

The Nathan Carter Fan Club!


And talking about rocking it! The Beech girls rocked the Wagon Wheel at lunch time. Miss Ying thought Mrs C looked very tired when she came for her Mandarin lesson. Is it any wonder? She was rocking along with the girls! Far too old for strutting her stuff on the dance floor!


Where was Miss Boyce when I needed her?surprise

Rock me mamma like a wagon wheel!



And the new half term began with Beech class being completely taken over by the arrival of  sharks, penguins, turtles, fish and so much more! We were more tightly packed than Noah's Ark!

Look at our amazing science projects, created from recycled rubbish! Heard the eco friendly glue isn't that friendly though!!! LOLsurprise

The animals came in two by two and threes and even fours!

And more...

And more and more...

Phew and even more...

Thank you so much to all the adults at home, who helped to make this work so impressive and creative!

Just loved them all!

Multi-faith Afternoon in Beech Class


Today we learned all about the Sikh Gurdwara and enjoyed creating our own using chalks. A messy job so far but we can't wait to finish our work...

Designing our Gurdwaras using our sketch book ideas...

Beginning to add colour...

Watch this space to see our finished work! Coming soon!



...and learning about the history of Chinese characters and how they have changed over time. 


  • Did you know the first characters were carved with sharp stones on animal bones?
  • That as industries developed, characters were written on bronze or other metals, which meant they lasted longer? The characters changed how they looked too!
  • Or that eventually, people created writing brushes and started to write on bamboo? Characters became neater.


We didn't! But we are beginning to understand now!


Practising writing some characters and showing how they have changed...

Someone had an exciting half term and visited Stonehenge! Wow! Mrs C was so jealous! Beech class thoroughly enjoyed hearing all the news! 

I definitely enjoyed my first visit to an Indian restaurant too!

Attendance Cup !


Not one to brag surprise but Beech class are back on top and won the Attendance cup for the 6th time this academic year! And it was 100% attendance too!

Happy class, happy teachers! 


Golden children win golden certificates!

Learning to add using column addition...

Outdoor Maths Lesson


Our Year 3 outdoor lesson was all about oblique, parallel and perpendicular lines...drawn neatly on our playground, with rulers (fully labelled of course!)

Attendance Cup


And it's win number 7 for Beech class this term!

What can I say but a monumental WELL DONE!

Look at these happy golden certificate winners!

Multi-faith Afternoon in Beech Class...

and our finished work!


We had already learned all about the Sikh Gurdwara and were finishing adding the colour to our designs. A messy job but what's a little chalk among friends! LOL!

...and we LOVED our finished work!

Did you know? 


There are four doors into a Gurdwara, known as the Door of Peace, the Door of Grace, the Door of Livelihood and the Door of Learning.

These doors are a symbol to everyone that people from all four points of the compass are welcome to enter.


Gurdwaras fly flags outside to show that it is a special place of worship. The flag contains the Sikh symbol.


And today in Mandarin we were ….

...learning to say how old I am...and we had our first conversation in Mandarin too!

Practising writing our characters...

  • How old are you?

你 多 大? 
nǐ duō dà ?


  • I am seven.

wǒ qī suì .



  • I am eight.

wǒ bā suì .





We even had a new teacher... very encouraging and firm! LOL

A little baby acute angle or a great big obtuse one?


The best way to learn those tricky acute, obtuse and right angles in maths? Easy...get the lolly sticks out and work in pairs making our own.

Great job Year 3!


The Great Outdoors!


What a great Forest School session today. Lots of team work, planning together and risk assessing to build a den.  

Team work is dream work!

Music themed day in bubbling Beech class!

Appraising...The Coventry Carol and Shakin Stevens! Very different!

Appraising...What instuments can you hear? How does the music make you feel?

Composing our Christmas jingles...

Performing our jingles...

Putting our lyrics with music...

And our day finished with us performing our final compositions for each other. We even found time to learn our song for the Christmas Carol Service. What a busy, fun filled day of music learning we had!

Look at this fabulous picture from Forest School.

Just had to share it!

Come out, come out whoever you are!


and Active Curriculum day 



Lots of moving and grooving in maths today...hand jiving our times tables!

Star jumping times tables..required alot of puff!

Let's make some angles!

Lots of active learning in English as we worked collaboratively on adverbs using a very 'busy' Christmas picture...

Mrs Claus sneakily kissed Santa...LOL! Indeed she did, before he set off with a sleigh full of presents!

Practising our phonics...

Ready for Quidditch day in Beech class!

Come on the girls!

Fast and fierce Quidditch battles!

Can't beat a few props!

We really enjoyed designing our new and improved Quidditch Firebolts. We had to persuade Harry that he needed an upgrade! Turbo jets for super speed, music while you fly or buy a pink one get a green one free. Which persuasive argument would convince Harry?

Big on quality, snitch sized on price!

And a picture to make you smile! Love it! No evidence of eco friendly glue not working here! LOL!

Our Christmas holidays are nearly here...

the end of a very busy term!


Beech class have been having lots of fun in the last two weeks of term! There was Christmas card making, raising money for CAFOD, with our spellathon and of course a yummy Christmas dinner on Christmas jumper day. 

Our finished Christmas cards...

A sea of Christmas jumpers...Christmas colour, Christmas cheer!

Love and understanding...Merry Christmas everyone!

Oh we wish it could be Christmas everyday!

Making some lovely angels ready for our carol service next week.

Nothing like a bit of fun and LOTS OF NOISE in the last week of term! LOL

And the surprise on these faces was just hilarious!!!!

Party food, panto and plenty of ho, ho, ho!!!

And the term finished with Beech class having the best attendance for the Autumn term with 98.5%.

Fantastic news!

Mandarin and our last lesson of the Autumn Term


Today we learned how to say Merry Christmas in Mandarin! 

You say it fast, I'll say it slowly!

Practising writing our characters for Merry Christmas and designing our card.