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Year 3

September 2018

Welcome to Beech Class Page!

Watch how we change and grow this year!

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Celebrating Roald Dahl Day 2018


Beech class were visited by Charlie, Matilda, Violet, James and of course his giant peach. The Twits popped in and even pilot Roald Dahl with his own plane! Wow!



Who can you recognise?

We had great fun learning about the characters from the books and indeed about the great man himself! This made our Roald Dahl comprehension that little bit easier.


After a real frenzy of planning, Beech class wrote some Roald Dahl creative type stories. They were all about our worst, most disastrous holidays ever! And my oh my, they were bad! We never knew that 'Horror Land' could be so awful or even that the Magic Evil Kingdom existed! 


What a great day we had!

We can't wait for next year!

We are cave painters!


The chalk pastels went everywhere,surprise but what fun we had learning about the techniques used by Stone Age people in the Paleolithic (that's the early Stone Age you know!) period. 




Adding the finishing touches!

We blended and smudged, scrunched and crumpled and created some Stone Age hands of our own and were so proud of our sketch book work. 

Our finished work!

Groovy Gymnastics!


We created and performed a sequence of contrasting actions, using jumps and balances. We even showed contrasting shapes. Beech class, well done great progress and team work really does make dream work!

Loving the moves!

Maths is fun!


Learning  how to add and take away 1s and 10s from 2 and 3 digit numbers! 



And the winner is...

"Miss, maths really is fun today!"

"Playing this game has helped me

to understand even more!"


Are we ready for even more 100s work? We think so!

Art Day 

...the beginning of our Stonehenge creations!


Mixing different shades of the same colour!

Tricky work...lots of concentration needed!

After lots of practice we are ready to begin our final background for our Stonehenge silhouette paintings. Lots to still do but keep checking in to see our progress! 

Can't wait for the next lesson to apply my skills!

Yeah! - Week 3 Winners!

The 'Attendance Cup' arrives in Beech class!


Lots of celebration and dancing to Kool and the Gang when we won the cup this week.


Big congratulations Beech class - 99.6%. Wonder how many times we can celebrate being cup winners this year? Lots and lots and LOTS we hope!

Celebrate good times!

Attendance cup update!

Beech class won the cup again this week!

Yeah for us! 99.6%! Win number 2!

Golden certificate winners!

Our first Mandarin lesson!


This week, Year 3 had their first Mandarin lesson with our Mandarin teacher, Miss Ying! We learned how to say and write hello and goodbye and even though we found it a little tricky, we definitely made progress. We are looking forward to our next lesson!

Lots of concentration in Beech Class today!

Science, PHSEE and healthy eating!


We have learned so much about eating a balance diet and food groups! Ask us about what we have learned!

Remember eat a balanced diet and excercise!



Learning all about physical and human features in the United Kingdom today! 


We definitely had no problem sorting our pictures into the correct group. Great progress, great team work!

Physical or human?

Lesson 2 with Miss Ying


Learning how to write the characters for China and name.

What is your name?

  • Nǐ jiào shén me

My name is…(I am called)

  • Wǒ jiào…

How are you? (Are you good?)

  • Nǐ hǎo ma?

I am very good?

  • Wǒ hěn hǎo

Are you teaching the adults at home Beech class?

I wonder who these hands belong to?

Marvellous, Measuring, Mathematicians!


We have been helping each other to learn how to measure and convert centimetres and metres in maths today. It was great fun playing a 'maths ladders' game!

Lots of team work!

China Day in Beech Class


Today we enjoyed hearing the Chinese love story, which was the behind the designs on Chinese willow pattern plates. The fable retells the story of an eloping couple, who transformed into doves. 


We designed and made our own plates with lots of lovely blues. 

Love a good love story!

Some of our finished plates!

Attendance cup update! 


Beech class won the cup again this week!

Yeah for us! 99.3%! Win number 3, all in a row!

Still above our school target of 97%

Beech class you rock!

Lots of golden certificate winners this week!|

Were you inspired?


Thank you to all the adults who came to Year 3 Inspire Workshop. 

We had a really useful session learning the methods for column addition and subtraction and also all about using suffixes and prepositions. A head full of knowledge to take away!

Lots of brain power and hard work!

Inspire Information for adults!

Our math's learning wall helped us in our Inspire Workshop!

And our next Mandarin lesson!


Phew! It was hard today! Learning to say numbers from 1 to 10 and write numbers from 1 to 5. 


Sing along to the number song!

You'll recognise the tune!


We welcomed Mrs Smith from St Jude’s Catholic Primary School to our lesson. She is thinking about Mandarin lessons for the pupils in her school and was very impressed with our enthusiasm and effort.


We sang numbers from 1 to 10 too!

It may have been hard but we still wanted to show what we had learned!

Outdoor maths! 


The best way to learn about cm and m is to measure them for real! A fun outdoor maths lesson on a lovely Autumn morning!

Practice makes progress!

Attendance Cup!


What an achievement! 

Beech class have won the Attendance Cup for the 4th week in a row! This week we have even got 100%!


Can we make it 5 in a row? Watch this space!

Golden Certificate Winners!

Happy birthday to someone very special!


Delicious food, singing, cards and lots of laughter for our very own Father Sean, who celebrated a very special birthday with his school family. What a wonderful celebration it was!

Welcome to our guest of honour!

The big 70th celebration!

Waiting for our guest to arrive!
Sitting at the top table has its perks!
Delicious sandwiches! We are starving!
Our very own rendition of Baby Shark!
Happy Birthday to YOU!
And a very happy birthday from Beech class!

Cheers Father Sean! Good health and God bless YOU!

The building of Stonehenge is finally complete! 


Famous and impressive, mysterious and unique, Stonehenge is located in Wiltshire, in the south of England but why it was built remains a mystery!


This prehistoric monument is visited by tourists from across the world and we hear that someone is going to visit in the half term holidays! Can't wait to see the pictures! 



Designing Stonehenge 21st century style!

No deer antlers used here to dig the ditch!

Phase 3 begins!

No 9 metre stones here...

No 4 tonne stones... but just as impressive as the real thing!

This week more numbers practice in Mandarin!

Winners of the Mandarin number challenge! It was fast and furious!

Practising writing numbers from 6 to 10!

It is wonderful to see how enthusiastic Beech class are about Mandarin lessons and China. 

Look what we have to share!

Independent research work....
A replica Chinese Willow plate...

Attendance Cup!

Yes, more outstanding news!


We said watch this space to see if we could make it five wins in a row! And by golly gosh WE DID! And another 100% win too! So, so proud of our brilliant, Beech class! You continue to rock it! 

An abundance of golden certificate winners too!

The Nathan Carter Fan Club!


And talking about rocking it! The Beech girls rocked the Wagon Wheel at lunch time. Miss Ying thought Mrs C looked very tired when she came for her Mandarin lesson. Is it any wonder? She was rocking along with the girls! Far too old for strutting her stuff on the dance floor!


Where was Miss Boyce when I needed her?surprise

Rock me mamma like a wagon wheel!



And the new half term began with Beech class being completely taken over by the arrival of  sharks, penguins, turtles, fish and so much more! We were more tightly packed than Noah's Ark!

Look at our amazing science projects, created from recycled rubbish! Heard the eco friendly glue isn't that friendly though!!! LOLsurprise

The animals came in two by two and threes and even fours!

And more...

And more and more...

Phew and even more...

Thank you so much to all the adults at home, who helped to make this work so impressive and creative!

Just loved them all!

Multi-faith Afternoon in Beech Class


Today we learned all about the Sikh Gurdwara and enjoyed creating our own using chalks. A messy job so far but we can't wait to finish our work...

Designing our Gurdwaras using our sketch book ideas...

Beginning to add colour...

Watch this space to see our finished work! Coming soon!



...and learning about the history of Chinese characters and how they have changed over time. 


  • Did you know the first characters were carved with sharp stones on animal bones?
  • That as industries developed, characters were written on bronze or other metals, which meant they lasted longer? The characters changed how they looked too!
  • Or that eventually, people created writing brushes and started to write on bamboo? Characters became neater.


We didn't! But we are beginning to understand now!


Practising writing some characters and showing how they have changed...

Someone had an exciting half term and visited Stonehenge! Wow! Mrs C was so jealous! Beech class thoroughly enjoyed hearing all the news! 

I definitely enjoyed my first visit to an Indian restaurant too!

Attendance Cup !


Not one to brag surprise but Beech class are back on top and won the Attendance cup for the 6th time this academic year! And it was 100% attendance too!

Happy class, happy teachers! 


Golden children win golden certificates!

Learning to add using column addition...

Outdoor Maths Lesson


Our Year 3 outdoor lesson was all about oblique, parallel and perpendicular lines...drawn neatly on our playground, with rulers (fully labelled of course!)

Attendance Cup


And it's win number 7 for Beech class this term!

What can I say but a monumental WELL DONE!

Look at these happy golden certificate winners!

Multi-faith Afternoon in Beech Class...

and our finished work!


We had already learned all about the Sikh Gurdwara and were finishing adding the colour to our designs. A messy job but what's a little chalk among friends! LOL!

...and we LOVED our finished work!

Did you know? 


There are four doors into a Gurdwara, known as the Door of Peace, the Door of Grace, the Door of Livelihood and the Door of Learning.

These doors are a symbol to everyone that people from all four points of the compass are welcome to enter.


Gurdwaras fly flags outside to show that it is a special place of worship. The flag contains the Sikh symbol.


And today in Mandarin we were ….

...learning to say how old I am...and we had our first conversation in Mandarin too!

Practising writing our characters...

  • How old are you?

你 多 大? 
nǐ duō dà ?


  • I am seven.

wǒ qī suì .



  • I am eight.

wǒ bā suì .





We even had a new teacher... very encouraging and firm! LOL

A little baby acute angle or a great big obtuse one?


The best way to learn those tricky acute, obtuse and right angles in maths? Easy...get the lolly sticks out and work in pairs making our own.

Great job Year 3!


The Great Outdoors!


What a great Forest School session today. Lots of team work, planning together and risk assessing to build a den.  

Team work is dream work!

Music themed day in bubbling Beech class!

Appraising...The Coventry Carol and Shakin Stevens! Very different!

Appraising...What instuments can you hear? How does the music make you feel?

Composing our Christmas jingles...

Performing our jingles...

Putting our lyrics with music...

And our day finished with us performing our final compositions for each other. We even found time to learn our song for the Christmas Carol Service. What a busy, fun filled day of music learning we had!

Look at this fabulous picture from Forest School.

Just had to share it!

Come out, come out whoever you are!


and Active Curriculum day 



Lots of moving and grooving in maths today...hand jiving our times tables!

Star jumping times tables..required alot of puff!

Let's make some angles!

Lots of active learning in English as we worked collaboratively on adverbs using a very 'busy' Christmas picture...

Mrs Claus sneakily kissed Santa...LOL! Indeed she did, before he set off with a sleigh full of presents!

Practising our phonics...

Ready for Quidditch day in Beech class!

Come on the girls!

Fast and fierce Quidditch battles!

Can't beat a few props!

We really enjoyed designing our new and improved Quidditch Firebolts. We had to persuade Harry that he needed an upgrade! Turbo jets for super speed, music while you fly or buy a pink one get a green one free. Which persuasive argument would convince Harry?

Big on quality, snitch sized on price!

And a picture to make you smile! Love it! No evidence of eco friendly glue not working here! LOL!

Our Christmas holidays are nearly here...

the end of a very busy term!


Beech class have been having lots of fun in the last two weeks of term! There was Christmas card making, raising money for CAFOD, with our spellathon and of course a yummy Christmas dinner on Christmas jumper day. 

Our finished Christmas cards...

Our finished cards...
Spellathon winners! Lots of prizes...

A sea of Christmas jumpers...Christmas colour, Christmas cheer!

Love and understanding...Merry Christmas everyone!

Oh we wish it could be Christmas everyday!

Making some lovely angels ready for our carol service next week.

Nothing like a bit of fun and LOTS OF NOISE in the last week of term! LOL

And the surprise on these faces was just hilarious!!!!

Party food, panto and plenty of ho, ho, ho!!!

And the term finished with Beech class having the best attendance for the Autumn term with 98.5%.

Fantastic news!

Mandarin and our last lesson of the Autumn Term


Today we learned how to say Merry Christmas in Mandarin! 

You say it fast, I'll say it slowly!

Let the competition begin...
No overall winner! Too good!

Practising writing our characters for Merry Christmas and designing our card.

Miss Ying chose some impressive character writing for a prize.

Well done!
Which one to choose?

And so in Mandarin Beech class wish you all...


Merry Christmas


shèng dàn kuài

圣 诞 快 乐

January 2019


新     年     好

xīn nián hǎo


And a happy New Year starts with some creativity and fiddly folding in Beech class. We made some origami fish for our whole school under water art display. 

Someone looks a bit disillusioned with it all....but he got there in the end! Perseverance paid off! LOL

Six little fish swimming in a pool, the first fish said, this pool is cool!

Y3 getting to grips with time in our practical maths lesson.

Attendance Cup Winners!


Beech class are back on top and started 2019 by winning the 'Attendance Cup' for the 8th time this academic year! And it was 100% attendance too!

A monumental well done! An amazing start to the new term!

Congratulations to our four golden certificate winners!

Athletics Festival

School Games Competition 


Spirits were high as Beech class arrived at Billesley Indoor Tennis Centre, to compete in an athletics tournament, organised by Bishop Challoner.

Looking forward to taking part in our events...

We ran relays, jumped obstacles, threw javelins (only soft ones of course) and who knew there were so many jumps to master? Standing long jump, standing triple jump and even a vertical jump! We never gave up, supported each other and showed immense determination, but most importantly, we had great fun! Well done Beech class!

Superlicious team work!

How far did she jump I wonder?

Moving Sprites!


Much excitement and computing creativity this afternoon as Y3 plunged into Scratch programming. The name of the game was to get our Sprites moving on-screen. Lots of fun and lots of success!

Parliament Assembly


Thank you so much to Clare from Parliament UK for an informative and interactive assembly, Beech class loved it!We learned how MPs are elected and laws are made. We even discussed how women fought for the right to vote. 

Voting on our pods!

Most imporant? Housing, education or health?
What is the job of the House of Parliament?
What is the job of the House of Lords?

So many questions to ask! Would there be an election if an MP died? Why are MPs not in the House of Lords?

New vocabulary in Mandarin today. We played Miss Ying says...please stand up, please sit down, please come in...

Some very happy winners!

We had a conversation...

...and practised our characters!


... and we begin a new month of learning in Beech class.

Learning to understand how people who are bullied feel and what can be done to stop bullying!

Say NO to bullying! Speak up! Tell an adult!

Attendance Cup win number 9 and three happy golden certificate winners!

Kung Hei Fat Choy!

That's Chinese for Happy New Year!


And it's the Year of the Pig.


Beech class were born in the Year of the Tiger 2010 or the Year of the Rabbit 2011.


We had a fantastic day and celebrated the Chinese New Year with a jammed packed day of creativity. 




Look what you can do with some cupcake liners! Fire breathing dragons no less!

We really loved our finished work!

Not quite banging on a big base drum but a Bolang Gu drum...

What can you do with a paper plate? A bit of dragon twirling of course!

Thank you Miss Ying for our money wallets.They are called Hongbao and contain lucky money! Did you know the red colour symbolizes good luck and prosperity in Chinese culture?

Our whole school Chinese New Year celebrations ended with the most amazing music workshop.

We were so excited and couldn't wait to begin...

Let's make some noise! And we definitely did! LOL!

We were a wriggling, jiggling dancing lion!

Yesterday dragon ribbon twirlers!

And the grand finale...the dragon dance! Oh ... and lots more noise as we crashed the cymbals and banged the drums! We certainly ended our celebrations in style!

Internet Safety 

A great afternoon with Year 3 writing, rehearsing and acting out plays on E - Safety and overcoming cyber bullying of all types. Some really great play scripts, messages and drama! 

"Together for a better internet"

Spellings we must know how to spell when we are Year 3. Regular practice makes super progress!

Multi Faith afternoon in Beech Class!


We learned how Guru Gobind Singh asked all Sikhs to wear five symbols to show they were loyal to the new Sikh community, who were called Khalsa. We know they are called the 5Ks and are symbols of faith.

Using Sikh resources to help with our learning.

Kesh, uncut hair, the Kachera and Kirpan
Kara wearing girls...

The 5Ks are symbols of the Sikh faith. 


Did you know?

Kesh is uncut hair and Sikhs believe that their hair is a gift from God, therefore they promise to not cut it. Letting it grow is a symbol of their faith and that they welcome God into their lives. Male Sikh’s hair grows very long consequently they wear a turban to keep it tidy.


Kirpan is a warrior sword. Today a very tiny one is worn under clothes as a symbol of self respect. Sikhs are like warriors and should always stand up for what is right.


Kangha is a small wooden comb. Sikhs use this to keep their hair neat and tidy and it is a symbol of cleanliness.


The Kachera are short trousers worn as underwear and never come below the knee. They remind Sikhs to follow God in everything that they do.


The Kara is a steel bangle worn on the arm of Sikhs. It is a continuous circle with no beginning and no end and symbolises that God has no beginning or end.  The Kara is made of steel, rather than gold or silver, because it is not thought of as jewellery and is a symbol of strength.


We made so many connections to our own Christian beliefs too. Some amazing discussion work Beech class! Mrs C was impressed!


We made our own Kangha combs...

...and worked with our partner and wrote our own information texts.

Our shared lunch!


Some of our lovely parents and relatives joined Y3 Beech class for a deliciously healthy lunch. Quote of the day, 

“School dinners were never this good when I was at school.” 

As always the ladies in the kitchen did a wonderful job! Thank you so much!

Bon Appetite!

And Grandad came too!

Win number 10 for Beech class! Congratulations and well done to our Golden Certificate winners too!

How many children entered Mrs David's handwriting competition? This many! Wow! Super penmanship!

And the winners were...


We rocked our science lesson!


Not a rock concert but a Year 3 science lesson about the properties of rocks. According to Beech class, rocks are made up of minerals, they can be useful, they can be hard, full of air or brittle. Amazingly some are 4000 million (4 billion) years old!

We learned permeable rocks absorb water and non permeable (impermeable) don’t! Simple! And no major spills in the lesson - science heaven!


...and today we learned how to say colours.

Nothing like a bit of dancing to help you learn!

Sing along at home!

Lots of progress and stickers!

World Book Day 2019


We certainly looked very different today!

As always adults have really supported with costumes.


Can you guess who we are?

Happy World Book Day from Year 3!

A whole lot of brilliant ball skills in PE today!

There’s nothing like a bit of paper folding to help

fully understand symmetry in 2D shapes! 


Beech class drew lines of symmetry on different shapes and organised them in the correct place using a Carroll diagram. Some super paired work and lots of mathematical explanations too! 

Um! Where should I put this shape on my carroll diagram?

Eco-Council News!


Our two Eco-Councillors helped deliver a very important message in assembly this week. Think before you throw clothes away in the bin. They just end up as landfill!


It is estimated that £140 million worth of clothing goes into landfill each year! Also, the value of unused clothing in wardrobes has been estimated at around £30 billion! 

Statistics that really shocked us!

We were certainly not setting a good example! Our old clothes were binned!

How can we help?


Remember our school Pop Up shop is open for business on Tuesday 2nd April. Help CAFOD, by donating used children's clothes. Come and grab a bargain!

Symmetry last week...ordering fractions this week! We even included mixed numbers...Beech class are rocking the maths curriculum!!!

Photostory and it's all about the team work!


Intense computing activity has been gripping Y3 as our budding media experts get to grips with using Photostory 3 to tell a story through pictures. Beech will soon add captions, close ups, fade outs and maybe also music!

Fun fossil formation in Beech Class! 

Did you know that fossils are the remains of organisms that lived millions of years ago?

Fossils are formed when an organism dies and is covered by sediment. Over millions of years the shape of the organism is preserved in the rock

We learned that an organism is a living thing like an animal or plant!

Off to visit a Sikh Gurdwara!


Excited children arrived after a fun and lively train journey. We took off our shoes and covered our hair as a mark of respect. A lovely day of learning and mutual respect at the Sikh Gurdawara in Smethwick. Year 3 shared their knowledge of the Five K’s and learned so much about this kind, generous faith.


The best trip EVER...said one happy Year 3 girl!

Eco learning continues in Beech class!


What better than to use some recycled materials to make the ultimate in cards. Hope our cards made special ladies smile at home! 

Happy Mother's Day



And the week begins with the end of our Geography work on Volcanoes!

On no! Run for your lives! A volcano has erupted in Beech Class!

There are more grumbles and rumbles in Beech class! I fear more volcanic eruptions could be occurring in the near future! Watch this space...

Now we are ready for volcano making part 2...

Look what's happening today! Our volcanoes will soon be ready for lots of volcanic eruptions....amazing painting team work!

Very happy children! Look what we have made!

All sorts of shapes!

Ask us what we have learned about volcanoes...we have made super progress!

Something exciting is about to happen! Wait for it!

And finally...volcanoes erupting in Beech class! More excitement than fear though! LOL!

And finally our visit to Pompeii and English postcard writing! Definitely a place Mrs C wants to visit! A fantastic half term's work Beech class, so much learning and fun!

Eco lessons continue...


Learning what primary school children from Australia are doing to help protect our world.  We can learn a lot from them!

Refuse to pollute the rivers and oceans!

Active curriculum day ... Let's get moving!

The Easter holiday is nearly here! And a little homemade chocolate cake treat. It was certainly a challenge making these cakes, no chocolate, cakes or sweets for Lent for Mrs C and although the temptation was great, she didn't crack!!!! LOL

And the term finished with Beech class having the best attendance for the Spring term. 

Fantastic news!


Can we make it 3 wins in a row?

We will definitely try!


Our final Mandarin lesson for this term!


And we learned how to write and say Happy Easter!

Practising the characters for Happy Easter but it's written Easter Happy!

Miss Ying was impressed with our accurate writing!

And to finish...Easter cards!

The Spring term has finally finished and we are ready for a well deserved holiday. Beech class wish everyone....


Fùhuó jié kuàilè

Happy Easter!



The start of the new term and lots of learning and progress being made. A fantastic start Beech class!

Learning how to use possessive apostrophes...

...awesome team work!

Learning how to calculate the length of sides on regular 2D shapes when we already know the perimeter.



We began to learn different types of weather today... 

cloudy, sunny, rain, snow, windy

Practising saying new vocabulary with our new teachers...I'll say it fast, you say it slowly. Great fun!

Practising writing the characters for sunny and cloudy.

Miss Ying was impressed with our character writing.

Yeah! The Attendance Cup has finally come back to Beech class! 99.1% this week and two very happy Golden Certificate winners too!

Well done the girls for completing the "Digital Detox' challenge. No ipads or televisions for us! Oh no! Instead den building, bike riding and even making a paper clock! So much fun too!



Today we learned how to say and write the characters for the seasons. As always we had fun learning new vocabulary by playing games and singing. 

Have a go at home.... just use the link.




Can you say the seasons to the number of claps? Tricky counting claps and listening to the pronunciation at the same time!

Miss Ying was impressed with our effort writing the characters for Spring and Winter!

Some super posters completed today in Beech class for Chinese Language and Culture Day!

So many facts and fabulous illustrations!


Well done to the winners of our seasons and weather Bingo game in Mandarin today! Some lovely cards from Miss Ying as prizes!

We remembered all of the brave men and women who sacrificed their lives during D Day and the Battle of Normandy 75 years ago!

Beech class continue to march on with their chunking division using number lines. This week they advanced to dividing larger two digit numbers!

Attendance Cup 


Congratulations Beech class, another win this week with 98.5% attendance. Happy teachers! 

Proud Golden Certificate winners!

In Mandarin we learned how to say dress, top and trousers. We then had to describe what colour they were and our partner had to find the correct picture.

It's a match!

Lots of movin and groovin to African dance music in Beech class today...super sequence work and collaboration.

Farewell Miss Ying!


We were very sad to say goodbye to Miss Ying! It was her last Mandarin lesson with Y3 today, before she leaves us to return to China. Beech class made a Chinese bracelet...a lovely memento to keep and remind us of her.


So Miss Ying a big

xiè xiè

from Beech class

Attendance Cup!


And the Attendance Cup returns to Year 3 once more! Congratulations to our wonderful, bubbling Beech babies!

The golden girls earn golden certificates!

There's a whole lot of designing clay Stone Age bracelets going on...

Colour mixing to decide on what colours to use on our clay bracelets! Not easy when colours were limilted way back then!

And now to cut and shape the clay....fiddly but fun!

We are now ready to paint and then thread the string! Keep a look out for our finished work! Clay needs to dry!

From clay bracelets to multi-faith and...

Vaisakhi - A Sikh Festival


Vaisakhi celebrates the harvest, the Sikh New Year and the beginning of the Sikh community, known as the Khalsa. It is celebrated on the 13th or 14th April each year.

We learned how Guru Gobind Singh, the tenth Guru, chose this festival to begin the Khalsa, which is the Sikh community. Beech class enjoyed watching a film clip explaining how the Sikh community in Birmingham celebrate Vaisakhi.

Some super writing explaining how Vaisakhi is celebrated.

Guru Gobind Singh wore a turban and on the turban there is a Kalgi, an ornament that is a sign of royalty. Guru Gobind Singh is like a King for the Sikh people.




We worked in pairs and made our own Kalgi.

Super cooperation and finished Kalgis. If only we had a turban to try them on!

And there's more....couldn't leave anyone out!

A really amazing “thought shower” of ideas from Beech class for their own versions of a 'Carpet of Dreams' story. Mrs C is looking forward to seeing how these super ideas develop into stories!


and we begin with....

Beech Class working hard for our Summer Fayre, 'Jam Jar Jamboree' stall. So far 108 jars filled! Now that's definitely an abundance of jars! Can we make it to 150?

Another 'Attendance Cup' win! Wow! Fantastic news and two wins in a row! So many Golden Certificate winners too! There was a bit of a struggle to get our hands on the cup, so on the head it was! LOL!

As part of our science work on Light, we have been learning about the dangers of ultra violet light and how to stay safe in the sun! Lots of sensible advice on our posters and definitely rules to follow, because the weather is so lovely at the moment!

China geography today! Did you know China is divided into provinces and each province has its own capital city?

Map skills galore!

What a lovely time we had outside painting our clay bracelets! There's definitely a whole lot of concentrating going on!

Bring me sunshine.....and a bit more painting outside! In the shade of course as we are very UV savvy in Beech class!

Hey presto...job done! A bit of threading of 'beads' and we are finished!

The face says it all! Need to get this paint off my hands Miss! LOL!

And today the final stages! Threading the beads....definitely a fiddly job!

And a bit of modelling to show our bracelets off!

Hard work but definitely worth it!

Wonder would we get much for these in the Jewellery Quarter?

Our work was finished so we decided to take a look at our floor books for PHSEE and Mandarin. We couldn't believe how much we had grown throughout the year when we looked at the photographs! We look so young Mrs C! You do indeed!

Nothing like a bit of Africian dance performance in the sun....go the girls! Definitely got the rhythm!

Y3’s Carpet of Dreams story writing is now in full publishing mode. Beautifully crafted stories, crammed full of creative descriptions.

It has been ‘Supermarket Sweep’ in Beech class this afternoon! Y3 have been learning how to use Microsoft Excel to add up columns of prices for everyday grocery items. Great fun and lots of learning in what should be a lifelong skill.

In Geography we have been adding to our knowledge and understanding of China. Great team work!

Our Golden certificate winners celebrate another Attendance Cup win for Beech Class. Three wins in a row! Fantastic news!

Lots of fun and torch experiments in Science today. The challenge, to use a mirror to bounce a beam of light around a book to hit a target. Did we do it? Of course we did! Did we make good progress? An affirmative YES!

Some fun in the fresh air! PE and some brilliant skills and team work! Tricky running and balancing a ball! LOL!

Out but definitely not down! We needed a rest anyway! A little colour sorting kept us busy! Organised and tidy! Children after my own heart

Dear me! Wish these hoops were a bit bigger...we are just hanging in there!