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Welcome to the website of Our Lady of Lourdes Catholic Primary School, Yardley Wood, Birmingham. If you are worried about a child please speak to a DSL in school or telephone 01213031888 - CASS

Mrs D's Whole School Page 2020/2021

Welcome to our Whole School Catholic Life page for 2020/2021 – Mrs David’s opportunity to share aspects of faith formation and our OLOL experiences that have an impact on a child’s perception of what Catholic Life is all about. 


At OLOL, we ensure that Catholic Life infuses every aspect of our school day so that our work, our prayer, our curriculum and policies, our play is all rooted in personal faith development, and our school, parish and the wider life of the Church is greatly enhanced as a result.


It would be impossible to share everything we do at OLOL but these pages should be a sample of the Catholic Life we live daily. Please take a look at our Twitter feed (@ourladyoflourd1), individual Class Catholic Life pages and other pages on this section of the website too as they are filled with more active faith at OLOL. 


Entries are made most recent first!

The World We Want - CAFOD Assembly 9/9/2020

OLOL has a great affinity with the Mission and active work of CAFOD and we hope to continue  our commitment to their global fundraising efforts as we move into our new school year. Today we all took part in the latest CAFOD campaign assembly - a time to become informed, inspired and active thinking about the world we know and the world we want.  

I am always proud of the active faith life of OLOL children, staff and families that allow us to play our part in supporting the Pope’s wishes for us to make change and show genuine care and protection for our Common Home - in our work and aspirations for the future of our School, community and world. OLOL children who have already achieved the Eco Schools Green award and begun our Rights Respecting commitment, made beautiful pledges today for a better world. Let us pray that our young people can finish what we have started and take the message of stewardship forward. 

Nativity of Our Lady (8/9/2020)

Today was an especially important day at OLOL as we celebrated the birth of the Blessed Virgin Mary. All classes and staff took part in a liturgical service led by Deacon Tim and took time to think about this most blessed child who would eventually be chosen to be the mother of Christ. Our Church only celebrates three birthdays - Jesus, John the Baptist and Mary (Why do you think this is? What do they have in common?) and so Mary’s birthday is a momentous liturgical occasion when we get a chance to think about her wonderful parents St Joachim and St Anne, her foretold blessings and then the gift given to her when God asked her to be the mother of Jesus. 

Now is a great time to revisit the Marian prayers that we use in school and at home - Hail Mary, the Angelus, the Memorare...maybe sing our Parish hymn of praise to our Immaculate Mary...think about the continued intercession of Our Lady, particularly her appearances throughout the world. What can you learn about Mary?

Class Blessing Services (7/9/2020)

This morning our school shares an important annual tradition – our Class Blessing Services. A little different this year to reflect the times we are experiencing. Each class did their service together in their rooms and blessed their learning space with holy water blessed by Deacon Tim (who is unable to enter our bubbles at the moment). Each class will share their service on Twitter for you.  


St Teresa of Calcutta - 5th September

Today I have been reflecting about the life and example of St Teresa of Calcutta, more affectionately referred to as Mother Teresa. Her faith-filled life of hard work, duty, selflessness, compassion and charity are a shining example to us all about how we can live our Catholic Life journey.  We pray for her continued intercession during this time of pandemic.
Not all of us will have the courage and strength to do as she did, in the way she did, but let’s think about what we can do during this pandemic to be a beacon of hope and light to those in need - check in on the elderly or infirm (socially distant and safely), spare an item of food for St Chad’s Sanctuary or The Fireside, pick litter or make a change for the environment...


St Teresa of Calcutta is the patron of World Youth Day:



Season of Creation - 1/9/20 to 4/10/20

(Feast of St Francis)

As we start our new school year together, it is once again the Season of Creation - a time for reflection as we consider what is happening to our common home and what part we play in the preservation and restoration of the gift given to us. This planet was parts of God’s gift of Creation and in this time we play and act to ensure that as guardians of the world for the short time we are here, we do nothing to impact it negatively. All children and families at OLOL should stop and think about the lifestyle they have and how this may contribute to the well being of our common home – we are not in positions of power and cannot make legislation about climate change, landfill, fossil fuel use etc. but we can do our small acts of faith and love for planet Earth each day and spread the word about what we do in God’s name and why…the Saints have regularly reminded us that the little acts are often the greatest when done with faith and love. Let us all take the time this season to make some small change for a greater good so that our children’s, children’s children and many generations thereafter have the joy of inhabiting God’s beautiful act of creation. 

Welcome Back OLOL!

What a blessing to be back at school! As I walked around school today and visited each class to welcome them back, I cannot tell you how joyful it made me and the other staff feel to have our school family back together again. I won’t labour the trials and tribulations that have come with our experiences of pandemic but just say a big thank you to our families for their support of the school and their cooperation with the plans for the start of our new school year. Welcome back OLOL!