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“Christ at the centre of our school where we live, love and learn together”


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Year 3 2018/2019

September 2018


Mission Accepted!

In our Religious Education lesson we reflected on our school mission,

'Christ is the centre of our school community

where we live, love and learn together.'


We thought of so many ways our class family can live, love and learn together and displayed them on our 'Mission Tree' display.


Are you cooperative, kind, responsible, forgiving, supportive, respectful, compassionate, faithful and patient? These were only a few of our choices.

Our class display!

Our class display! 1
Our class display! 2
Our class display! 3

We have accepted our mission to follow in the 

footsteps of Jesus. 


How can you do this today?

Let us pray...


At the start of our new school year we wrote some asking prayers.  We want God's help with the challenges that lie ahead. All our prayers are in our prayer area and we share them when we pray together in the morning. 

Lord hear us...

Lord hear us... 1
Lord hear us... 2

What would you like God's help with? 


Dear God,

Help me this year to persevere

to improve my handwriting and get my letter heights right.

Help me to pray more often to your son Jesus.

Lord in your mercy...

hear my prayer


Beginning our work on 

' Belonging - We gather as God's family'


Team work was definitely dream work when we worked in groups to decide on what responsibilities and qualities were necessary in our school family. 

Progress and cooperation...

Progress and cooperation... 1
Progress and cooperation... 2
Progress and cooperation... 3
Progress and cooperation... 4

Some of our ideas...

We have to be mature and share with others...

We must be supportive when our friends get something wrong.

We must persevere and not let our school group down.

Sharing and listening...

Sharing and listening... 1