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“Christ at the centre of our school where we live, love and learn together”


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Year 3 2017/2018



A Blessing for the New School Year


Beech class were delighted to welcome Deacon Tim to their class to celebrate the start of our new school year. It was a really reverent and special occasion when we  gathered to ask God’s blessing on

  • us, as we live together as his family
  • on our classroom, where we learn together
  • on our prayer table, where we show our love together

and all the time remembering that Jesus is at the heart of all that we do.


On this class your blessing, Lord, on this class your grace bestow.
On this class your blessing, Lord, may it come and never go


Deacon Tim also blessed our holy book, The Bible and we will remember the importance of treating the Word of God with respect every time we use it in our Religious Education lessons. 



Picture 1 Lord, love these children!
Picture 2 Bless our Bibles!
Picture 3 Lord, guide these children!

Let us pray...


At the start of our new school year Beech class wrote petition prayers asking for God's help with the challenges that lay ahead and what they wanted to improve. All our prayers are displayed in our prayer area and we share them when we pray together. Our hands made the petals of the flower and reminds us that we all work together as children of God. 


Dear Lord,

Help me to improve my attendance this year and to

persevere with my handwriting because it is messy.

Help me to get closer to your Son Jesus

by praying more often.

God is our Saviour!

Lord hear us


Picture 1
Picture 2

Our Mission in Beech Class!


In our Religious Education lesson we reflected on our school mission, 'Christ is the centre of our school community where we live, love and learn together.'


We thought of so many ways our class family can live, love and learn together and displayed them on our 'Mission Tree'.


Are you cooperative, kind, responsible, forgiving, supportive, respectful, compassionate, faithful and patient? These were only a few of our choices. 


Each day we choose a mission word and a pupil selects someone who has demonstrated this quality during the day. 


We are trying to live by following in the footsteps of Jesus. 


How can you do this today? 

Picture 1

Would you be a fisher of men? 


In our Religious Education lessons we read the story of the 'Call of the Disciples' and thought about reasons for and against answering Jesus's call. After careful consideration and much debating, the majority of Beech class decided that the answer was YES but it would be difficult to leave your family, friends and home!


‘I believe that I can be a follower of Jesus and be eloquent by spreading the Word of God.

The word of God is how God teaches us to live good lives. It is found in the Bible.’


'Jesus is tired and needs me to help him and I will.

Also he is the Son of God; who wouldn’t?’


‘I believe that I can be a disciple on earth

and must tell people that Jesus is loving and forgiving.’


What would you do?

Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3
Picture 4


The Month of the Rosary


Beech class led our school Mass to reflect on October being the month of the Rosary and especially on Our Lady of Fatima. It was lovely to celebrate together in our school hall, with so many parents and members of our parish church family. Lots of confident reading and prayer and praising to God. Thank you to all!

Picture 1 Waiting for our Mass to begin...
Picture 2 Reflecting on how we are participating...
Picture 3 In the name of the Father...
Picture 4 So many visitors...
Picture 5 Leading the Rosary...
Picture 6 First Reading...
Picture 7 Singing our Psalm in the choir...
Picture 8 Lord hear us...