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Year 3

History inspiring learning in maths!


What fun we had in maths today!

We used trundle wheels and metre sticks to measure the floor area of a Skara Brae house and the depth of the ditch and the height of the Stonehenge stones.

Our playground was not big enough and so we had to half our measurements!!!


 "Our learning helped us to understand just how big different things were in the Stone Age times." Ella Rose Bailey


Did you know that the circular ditch that was dug in phase one of the building of Stonehenge for the stones to be stood in, was dug using deer antlers?

Picture 1
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Picture 3
Picture 4

Stonehenge rebuilt in a day!



Picture 1
Picture 2

To the library we go!


Our class trip to Yardley Wood library supported our E-twinning project work on Fairy Tales. We explored a variety of Fairy Tales from different cultures and shared our favourites with a friend.

Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3
Picture 4

Them bones them bones, them dry bones!


Our class display reflects all out learning about the human skeleton. Mr Funny Bones can certainly bend his leg bone in a very unusual way!!!


Do you know how many bones there are in the human skeleton?

Can you name the different joints?

Picture 1

Time to get excited about outdoor learning!


Year 3 spent a great morning doing outdoor maths - they learnt all about time in real life situations.

Many groups became really good at adding time on -

some even going over into the next hour.


It was a cold morning however, we don't think that anyone noticed!

Year 3 maths experts learning outdoors all about how time works in real life.

Welcome to Mr Wonka's Chocolate factory!


Our class display reflects our English writing focus on character descriptions.


Find out how many books Roald Dahl has written!

Picture 1

Come and dine at the 'Best Restaurant in Town!'


A happy, chatty lunchtime was had with the children and parents of Beech class at our shared lunch. The food was delicious and the service exemplary at the 'best restaurant in town!' Not many tips left though! Thank you to  our wonderful lunchtime team and to all adults who came

Year 3 have been to Pompeii and it was magnificent! You should go too! 
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Puzzling Perimeter!


Beech class had great fun in our Maths lesson! Making the longest perimeter with 10cm squares was definitely challenging, however with perseverance, team work and excellent use of our maths skills, we were eventually victorious! We learnt that the maximum we could calculate was 340cm. In the words of a famous quiz show host, have a go if you think you're clever enough!



Hail Glorious St Patrick!


Year 3 thoroughly enjoyed an exciting, fun filled St Patrick's day. We celebrated in our class listening to Mr Doody and Miss Madden playing traditional Irish music on the bodhran. Although they were brilliant and so talented, we were not as sure about Mr Woollard's Irish dancing skills! But as we say in class, practice makes progress!!! It could take a lot of practice though!!


We were lucky enough to try our skills at playing the bodhran ourselves, it's not as easy as our visitors to class made it look! Apparently it's all in the wrist action.


Did you know that the exact origins of the bodhran are still unknown and that originally they were made using goat skin?

No? Nor did we but we do now!

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Picture 3
Picture 4


Still image for this video

Maths and PE? Yes it is possible!


It was an action packed day at Bishop Challoner for our Year 3 Maths Olympians! They took part in dodge ball, netball and a penalty shoot-out AND answered maths questions at the same time. What whizz kids! It was lovely to meet pupils from other schools and the Year 9 PE leaders from Bishop Challoner.


"We loved doing the fun activities. Dodge ball and bench ball were our favourites. We had permission to ACTUALLY throw balls at each other!"

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Picture 3

And the winner is...


Lots of happy winners of Easter eggs, donated by Our Lady of Lourdes staff! I wonder were those delicious chocolate eggs shared at home!!

Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3
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Picture 5
Picture 6

Easter eggs are said to represent Jesus’ emergence

from the tomb and we discovered.

What can you find out?

Cor! Building tents is complicated work!


In Design and Technology lessons, Year 3 are currently in the process of making their tent structures! Not so easy with a broken arm!


Watch this space to see how they will eventually look!



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Picture 3
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Picture 5
Picture 6

Anyone for Camping?


Beech class designed and planned, constructed and evaluated!


We used straws, lollypop sticks, leaves, plastic bags and an abundance of sellotape and Blutak to make our tents!!  There were varying degrees of success but all agreed we enjoyed our learning experience and had great fun, even if some didn't quite stay upright! surprise

We're ready for Camping!

We're ready for Camping! 1
We're ready for Camping! 2
We're ready for Camping! 3
We're ready for Camping! 4
We're ready for Camping! 5
We're ready for Camping! 6
We're ready for Camping! 7
We're ready for Camping! 8


Let's Celebrate!


Beech class are delighted and proud to have 100% attendance

for the second week in a row.


Picture 1

June and it's a whole school Think Tank visit!


What a day we had!

The journey of our day!

The journey of our day! 1 Hope the train comes soon! Very excited!
The journey of our day! 2 Come on! I want to sit down!
The journey of our day! 3 Maybe just a bit big!
The journey of our day! 4 150 million years old! No way!
The journey of our day! 5 Have you ever seen a fossil this big?
The journey of our day! 6 Like your friend boys!
The journey of our day! 7 Anyone need a doctor?
The journey of our day! 8 How does this gadget work?

We had so much fun!

We had so much fun!  1 Like our new shoes?
We had so much fun!  2 A ring with lots of carats. A rich husband needed!
We had so much fun!  3 Fuel stop! We were starving!
We had so much fun!  4 Put some welly into it!
We had so much fun!  5 My arms are killing me!
We had so much fun!  6 Strong man required!
We had so much fun!  7 No, it's not magic!
We had so much fun!  8 Who's inside the red battery?

Beech class had an absolutely fabulous day at the Think Tank and would definitely recommend a visit. It's a big thumbs up from us!

Picture 1 I haven't moved yet!
Picture 2 Peepo!
Picture 3 Soon taking flight! Take my picture quick!
Picture 4 It was a magic day! Thank you!

Last day of June and off to Stratford Upon Avon we go!


Beech class enjoyed a fantastic day of history and art at the Shakespeare Birthplace Trust at Stratford Upon Avon. A busy and enjoyable morning was spent discovering Roman and Saxon artefacts. In addition, all children visited the rare archives owned by the Trust. The day was rounded off by a visit to Shakespeare's house of birth, before we caught our train home. A very well behaved class (of course!) and a great time was had by all. 



To round off Year 3's wonderful day in Stratford Upon Avon, our children had the opportunity do some acting with real actors, at Shakespeare's birthplace. We are so fortunate to have this wonderful place on our doorstep. "All the world's a stage and all the men and women merely players: they have their exits and their entrances; and one man in his time plays many parts." That is and will forever be the boys and girls of our fantastic Beech class!

Science is mind blowing!


What a fabulous science day Beech class had and they were the perfect hosts to the visiting Year 3's from our Tolkien Cluster group of schools and Bishop Challoner students, who turned the air in Beech classroom into a lovely aroma of cabbage!!! Sorry marvellous medicine!!!surprise

What fun we had!

What fun we had! 1 The Shooting Stars Science Circus
What fun we had! 2 What forces are being used to spin this plate?
What fun we had! 3 Wonder what made someone gasp like this?
What fun we had! 4 It was mind blowing!
What fun we had! 5 Wow! Such skill!
What fun we had! 6 Look Miss! We can do it!
What fun we had! 7 Marvellous medicine can test pH levels!
What fun we had! 8 Not as easy as it looks!

Are you sun ready?



Beech class presented an assembly to Our Lady of Lourdes children on how to stay safe in the sun, as part of the ‘Soltan Sun Ready’ project.


Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3

We reminded the children to take the 'sun ready ' challenge.

· wear a hat

· use sunscreen

· drink plenty of water

· cover up

· wear sunglasses

· limit your time in the sun


Beech class are always sun ready! Are you?