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Welcome to the website of Our Lady of Lourdes Catholic Primary School, Yardley Wood, Birmingham. If you are worried about a child please speak to a DSL in school or telephone 01213031888 - CASS

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The Story of Jack and The Beanstalk - Sounds Homework Due 13th June

Sounds Homework- Charlie and The Chocolate Factory

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory Pop-Up Book

Easter Bonnet Parade


The Acorns worked very hard making Easter bonnets over the Easter break. We all had an opportunity to show off our hats and see others.





We all enjoyed making and talking about our bonnets. Mrs Murrell was very proud of all her Acorns and the effort they had put into making their hats.

Lenten Walk for Charity


The Reception children carried water on our Lenten walk to remind us of children and adults who have to walk miles for water. During our walk we were thinking about Jesus. 

Thank you for all your sponsorship money. This will be going to the CAFOD charity as part of our Lenten fundraising. See if you can talk about our walk at home.



Library Visit


The Acorns went to the library. We walked to the library, talking about our local community. See if the you can take a walk and talk about the local community.



We were able to read a story as a class and predict what would come next. The Librarian also talked to us about her job.




During the holiday see if you can take a trip to the library and

enjoy reading a wide range of books.

World Book Day

Acorns and Conkers joined together to celebrate world book day. We retold different stories,

acted them out and predicted what would happen next.



The children and teachers dressed up as characters from books. We were able to talk about our costumes and used describing words in order to do this.




The children wrote stories, sequenced them and decorated characters from

different fairytale books. They enjoyed taking part in a treasure hunt where they had to read clues and find little red riding hood's lost treasure.






The Acorns and Conkers demonstrated reflection whilst thinking about their characters and how each are different or the same. Can you draw your characters at home and write about them?

Maths Homework Adding- Due 22/2/16

Maths Homework Due 22/2/16

When You Subtract with a Pirate (subtraction song for children)

International Space Station: Tim Peake becoming first British person to walk in space

NASA Video : Earth From Space Real Footage


Maths Homework Adding Due 25.1.16

Welcome to the Acorns Class Page



This week the Acorns and Conkers joined together

to learn about and perform different poems.






See if you can talk about some of these poems at home. Below are a few links to lead you to the poems. Can you remember what they were about?

Dancing for Charity


The Acorns and Conkers danced to raise money for charity.

The Acorns were raising money for water for a family, as part of their Advent preparations.





Think about how you could raise money for charity at home.

Please visit this page to find out

what your child has been learning and for any useful websites and activities

that could further support your child.

Acorns Phonics: RWI Speed Sounds Set 1

Read Write Inc Speed Sounds: Set 1. This video is aimed to help you understand what each of the sounds in Set 1 sound like. Please practise these sounds at home with your child. Writing the sound is very different to reading it- these will help your child read. Your child should be using their cursive formation when writing. If you are not sure about anything, please contact Mrs Murrell, Mrs Loughran or Mrs Kemp

Set 2 Sounds

These are your set two sounds- do not start to practise these until your child is ready. If unsure
please speak to Mrs Murrell, Mrs Loughran or Mrs Kemp. We explain set two sounds as two letters
one sound. We can blend these sounds into words called 'fred talk'. An example would be c-ar, car.
Fred talk is using phonics to break down the word and blend it together- this is how children begin to
dechiper words when reading.

Read Write Inc. Phonics lesson

This video shows a teacher instructing children to learn a sound and the associated rhyme. The way Acorns write
it in our school is by always starting from the bottom, using our cursive handwriting. For example in the video 'nnnn' is written as 'up Nobby's net and over'. We would teach it as 'start from the bottom- up Nobby's net, down and over. If you
are unsure about any of this please talk to Mrs Murrell, Mrs Loughran or Mrs Kemp, who will be happy to help you.



Monday- Homework and Books are changed. Your observations as parents/ guardians are crucial and form an essential part of your child's learning journey. Mrs Murrell will start to set homework using websites and these can be found on here each week.


Wednesday- Wednesday Word's are sent home for you and your child to share time in reflective prayer.


Friday- Newsletters are given out.


Uniform- Please make sure your child is wearing the correct uniform

and that it is clearly labelled.



Class Dojo's


You may have heard your child mentioning 'Dojo points' at school. These are to replace house points and are strongly linked to our values. Each child has their own avatar and as they are awarded more points, they get to see their avatar grow. Points are given out when a child has consistently showed one or other values throughout the day. Please celebrate this with your children.

Strong Bodies and Strong Hands


The Acorns have been talking about how to develop strong

bodies and strong hands. We understand that by following

a healthy and balanced diet, exercising and keeping clean and hygienic we develop stronger bodies.


We have been continuing to develop the strength of

our bodies in different ways. This week we have been dancing and creating good hygiene posters to develop our strong bodies and raise awareness of how to maintain good hygiene.









Can you exercise at home and remember the ways in which we need to wash our hands?


We have also been practising our new 'Dough Disco'- a programme where we use play dough and move our hands and fingers in different ways, in order to strengthen them.





See if you can you follow the 'Dough Disco' at home in order to continue to improve the strength of your fingers. This will help you to manipulate tools when writing. Mrs Murrell has put a link on for you to access at home below.



Dough Disco

Shonette Bason demonstrating her Dough Disco concept, filmed and edited by Envizage Media

Doubles Doubles (I Can Add Doubles!)

This will help your child find doubles to five. Please practise this at home.

Maths Work Helping to Write Numbers- Numbers in the Teens (They Start with a 1)

Try this at home- this will help you when you write your numbers.

Farmer Pete (Number Fun)- Maths Homework Due 16th November

Farmer Pete - a Number Fun song by Dave Godfrey that helps children understand Number Bonds to 10. For more information on all Dave's Number Fun resources, visit

Maths Homework Adding Song Due 2nd November

Now on the App Store: Get this and the 5 more addition Songs in the Maths Songs: Additions HD iPad App! Memorise Maths and Addition through music! Welcome to the most unique, rocking Addition app ever!